Monday, 25 September 2017

Monthly Favourites: September

How on earth is it the end of September already? It's like I've blinked and missed it. To be fair though, I've had a busy month at work and it's only going to get busier as that certain period of the year draws near. However that being said, it hasn't stopped me gathering a fair few favourites this month, a few new and a few rediscoveries.

Let's get the rediscoveries out of the way first. The first product I've discovered again this month and haven't been able to get a enough of is the Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation. I loved this when it first came out and used it constantly but then it just sat in my collection. Until this month when I picked it up thinking it was the Loreal Cushion Foundation. The coverage, finish and longevity blew me away again and apart from a couple of occasions I haven't stopped wearing this all month. It's buildable medium coverage is enough to cover my redness but still let's skin look and feel like skin. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this over the upcoming months instead of reaching for higher coverage foundations.

And paired with the Drem Cushion, I've been thoroughly enjoying the Maybelline SuperStay Setting Spray. This was my go to setting spray before I discovered the Collection setting spray because it set make up in place but didn't drench the skin and let skin breath. And I've gone back to it this month and I can totally understand why this was the only setting spray I reached for. It has a fine mist that covers skin but doesn't drench skin or disrupt make up. It locks make up in place and gives it a more natural finish but doesn't clog pores or leave skin feeling like it can't breathe. I have a back up of the Collection spray in my back up draw but don't think I'm going to be needing that for a while.

An eye cream that's worked wonders for me this month comes from Olay. Their Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream has really changed the appearence of my under eye area and I couldn't be happier. A lightweight cream this not only hydrates the skin around my eyes but helps reduce puffiness, the appearence of dark circles and any fine lines I may have. I used to use this before I discovered the SKYN Iceland and found myself reaching for it again when the SKYN Iceland stopped showing results and didn't do much for my eyes.

A product I fell in love with from the first use was the Naturally Radiant Glycolic Tonic. I would have put it in my August Favourites but had only been using it for two days so didn't think it fair. However I had to put it into this month's as I just can't get enough of this product. Containing 5% Glycolic Acid this toner like product has really helped with the texture of my skin as well as it's radiance and feel. I've been using this everyday after I've removed my make up in place of a toner and it really rejuvenates my skin without drying it out and leaving soft to touch. A full review of it can be found here if this has intrigued you.

Powder is one product I'm never too fussed about. As long as it sets my make up in place I'm happy with it. However there has been a powder I've been loving all of this month and I can't believe I was just letting it sit in my collection. The MUA Professional Setting Powder is a transparent powder that sets make up in place without leaving my skin looking powdery or cake like at all. And as you can see I've used it so much that I've hit pan on and had to go and buy a back up in case this one breaks.

A new release I haven't stopped using this month is the new Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Primer. It's a white lash primer which helps to maintain the curl and volume in your lashes. I've loved this, it's helped keep my lashes looking better for longer and they haven't lost my hard worked curl after twenty minutes. Paired alongside the Lash Sensational mascara as well as the Loreal Miss Hippie mascara, my lashes have been volumised, curled and defined in stunning manner. A full review of this is coming next week.

There have been two lipsticks I've been obsessed with this month. The first I discovered whilst I was shopping my stash and ever since I haven't been able to stop wearing it. It's Gosh's Velvet Touch Matte Lipstick in Raisin. It's a true brown shade that flatters my fairer skintone and gives off that 90's grunge style when I wear it. It has a comfortable matte finish that doesn't transfer and doesn't leave you with prune lips after wearing it for a few hours. I'v loved pairing it with khaki coloured items in my wardrobe to give a twist on the 90's grunge trend that is still hanging around.

And the last product I have to share with you this month is one I've owned for a week but is one that hasn't left my lips in the last seven days. It's the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Out Loud. It's a gorgeous burnt orange shade that reminds me a lot of pumpkins and is exactly the kind of colour I've been looking for to add to my collection this Autumn. It's a liquid lipstick so it is a matte finish but it isn't ridiculously drying or uncomfortable to wear. The doe foot applicator makes application a dream and I seriously can not get enough of this lipstick. I will definitely be buying more shades from this range.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Yes I know it's not Christmas for another couple of months but it is Pumpkin Spice Latte season! And I can't get enough. Every time I near a Starbucks I can't stop myself and end up walking out of there with a PSL. They're just the right amount of spice in there that it isn't overpowering and if you get whipped cream on top, it's just like utter perfection. I'm totally going to be spending the majority of my wages on as many PSL's as possible.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is finally in cineams and I saw it on Friday. It was amazing. I laughed, I was shocked, I wanted to cry and I also cursed out Matthew Vaughn a few times. If you loved the first Kingsman movie I highly recommend seeing the Golden Circle. With Julianne Moore as a utterly brilliant villian, this movie takes spy movies and gives it a brilliant twist. With a star packed cast including Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Jeff Bridges just to name a few, this movie is my movie of the year.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

10 Things I'm Looking Forward To In Autumn/Winter

 Autumn is finally here! And I'm so beyond excited, it's ridiculous. It's not only time to break out the jumpers, the boots and all the autumnal clothing but it's also my time to shine. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year and I find I'm ten times more productive than I am any time of the year. And there are a lot of things about Autumn/Winter that I'm excited about so today I thought I'd share with you my Top 10.
1. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes
Let's start with the drink that everyone is talking about as soon as September hits. Now it may seem like I'm following the trend or being a basic bitch but I absolutely love a Pumpkin Spice Latte. There's just something about them that I can't get enough of and I find myself counting down every year until they appear back in Starbucks. If you think you're not going to like them because you aren't a big fan of pumpkin, it doesn't matter as there isn't a big pumpkin. flavour, just a understated taste of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. If you haven't had a Pumpkin Spice Latte before then I highly recommend you try one before they disappear for another year.
2. Sweater Weather
 Up next is my favourite clothing item between September and February. Jumpers/Sweaters are my absolute favourite item of clothing to wear when the weather turns colder. Not only are they ridiculously cosy and comfy to wear but they hide a multitude of sins as well so if you've overindulged it's covered. I tend to buy a ton of jumpers as soon as I see them appearing in shops. Primark is one of my favourite places to buy jumpers because whilst they're not the best quality, they are good value for money and if they only last this Autumn then it's not a massive waste of money.
3. Halloween
 This Is Halloween! Sorry I couldn't resist. Halloween is something I used to hate it as a kid but as I've gotten older I've fallen in love with it. There's something about decorating the house, watching Halloween movies and snacking on the left overs from Trick or Treaters that I can't get enough of. And as I post this, stores are getting their Halloween ranges out and I can guarantee that by the end of the weekend I will have a whole host of new decorations that I'll have to impatiently wait to put up in October.
4. Christmas
Oh I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday! Again I couldn't resist. However as much as I love Christmas, I couldn't do it everyday. Too expensive. That being said I can't wait for the Christmas season to be upon us because it's the one time of the year I can eat my own body weight in mince pies and every other Christmas based food without feeling guilty. Plus it's the time of the year I spoil my family absolutely rotten as a way to thank them for everything they do for me throughout the year. Plus I can watch The Grinch, Muppet Christmas Carol and Elf on repeat for a full twenty four days without feeling bad at all.
 5. My Birthday (25)
Now a lot of people would prioritise their birthday over both Halloween and Christmas but for some reason this year I'm not really bothered about turning 25. I don't have any plans yet and don't know what to ask for as presents but at the moment I'm not really that bothered. Halloween and Christmas however I'm hella excited for and I'm sure you're all going to be bored to tears by the amount of posts I have planned.
6. ABBA Night Out With Mumma
Something I'm really looking forward to this October is a night out with my mum. When I was younger I remember going to see this and when I saw it advertised on The Hexagon website I knew we had to go. Thank You For The Music is the ultimate tribute to the Bee Gees and Abba and whilst it sounds it's ridiculously cheesy, it's brilliant. If like me you grew up listening to Bee Gees and Abba then you'll probably love this show. It's not until the middle of October but I'm already beyond excited because it's not often me and mum get a night out together where we can don our glad rags and just have a girly night.

7. All The Autumn Lip Colours
Oh how I love an Autumnal Lip. I love them that much that I used to struggle to find something to wear in the Spring/Summer and by August I'm counting down the days until I can break out a dark berry tone. This year hasn't been as bad but by the middle of August I was counting down the days until I could break out my trusty Rimmel 107 and not feel like a complete pleb for wearing it. Autumn Lip colours are my absolute favourite, not only because they match with my favourite time of the year but because they suit me the best out of any lip product shade. Paired with my dark hair and fair skintone, dark berry tones and rusty reds really pop and make my lip colour the talking point of my look. It's a big confidence booster for me as I know they're something that are going to work for me and I don't have to worry about the colour not suiting me or looking horrendous with my skintone and hair colour. Keep your eyes peeled next week for my Autumn Lip Edit, packed with colours I will be wearing constantly this Autumn.

8. Getting To Wear Boots
From the middle of August I've been trying to find an excuse to break out my Winter boots. I just love them so much, especially now I've find ones that suit my style and are flattering with my body shape/height. All three pairs I live in/plan on living in are from Primark. Two look similar but the ones with a less obvious point are higher in heel height and are perfect for more dressy occasions whilst the other pair is my go to run around pair. The very obvious stand out boot I haven't worn yet due to lack of confidence but once I find the right outfit to pair them with I know I'm going to get tons of wear out of them. Their out there but gorgeous and at only £16 I couldn't leave them in the shop.
9. Cozy Nights In
If there is one thing I love nothing more during the colder months, it's a cosy night in. A cup of coffee, a good movie, snuggly pjs and Stan the cat next and I'm a happy girl. I especially love putting on all the fairy lights and battery operated lights I have around my room, drawing the curtains and sticking on an old favourite film to make the stress of the day disappear. Plus if I have the cat, coffee and a steady supply of snacks I'm set for the evening. And it only gets better as it gets closer to Christmas when I have the room just illuminated by Christmas lights and the TV.

10. Seasonal Baking
I've fallen back into baking over the last month and have been trying out new recipes left, right and center. So of course as two of my favourite Holidays approach I can't help but excited for all the baking ideas that I've seen all over Pinterest as well as online and in recipe books. And if the idea of Halloween and Christmas goodies was enough, there is a whole host of autumnal feeling bakes that I can't wait to try out. If you don't follow me on Instagram, go over and check my page out. It's where you'll find all my baking pictures. I warn you though, it may make you hungry.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Review: Naturally Radiant Moisturising Facial Oil

Facial oils are something I've always heard good things about but have never tried. They've always been the one skincare product I've avoided because I've always been worried that it's going to cause problems for my skin. That is until I tried the Naturally Radiant Moisturising Facial Oil.

The Naturally Radiant Moisturising Facial Oil is a blend a of different facial oils and fruit extracts that claim to energise, moisturise and retexturise skin. Containing five different oils including Rosehip and Grapeseed alongside Kiwi and Mulberry Extract this oil should feel heavy on the skin but is surprisingly lightweight and doesn't feel like it's clogging pores or leaving skin feeling greasy. It's suitable for all skin types including those with more combination skin. However if you have very oily skin, I'd stay clear of this product as it'll only make skin look like it's created more sebum and that's not a cute look.

To say I was wary when I first tried this was an understatement. I'd tried a facial oil before and it gave me a bad reaction and left me with months worth of work to get my skin back to a good place. So I was definitely nervous about putting this on my skin for the first time. However I was ever so pleasantly surprised. It says to use 1-2 drops but I find 3-4 more effective and it doesn't leave skin feeling overly greasy or shiny feeling. In fact it's quire refreshing on the skin and provides it with a longer lasting moisture boost as it doesn't just sit on skin but sinks in and works deeper than most products do. I've been using it for well over two months now and haven't had a breakout or reaction in the slightest. In fact combined with the rest of my skincare routine, it's given the best looking skin I've had in a long time. My redness looks diminished, skintone even and to touch, my skin feels a lot smoother and softer. I can't get enough of this oil and my skin totally agrees. And my favourite part about this oil is that it isn't ridiculously expensive or hard to find. It can easily be found in Superdrug's Skincare aisles and online and comes in at a purse friendly £7,99. But it's always on a buy one get one free or half price offer which makes it even better value for money.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Review: Soap And Glory Sheet Masks

When Soap and Glory announced that they were releasing sheet masks I was excited and rushed out to grab the collection as soon as I could. But then they sat in my collection and I completely forgot to use them in favour of trying other sheet masks I'd purchased. And whilst there is still a couple of them that I haven't tried, the rest of the range I've thoroughly enjoyed.

Let's start with the two I haven't tried yet. The first is the Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask. I think the reason I haven't tried this one is because the only hydrating/moisturising sheet masks that I enjoy using/find myself reaching for are the Garnier Moisture Bomb Masks. However this one sounds as if I could love it just as much or even more. Packed full of Hyaluronic Acid as well as Rose, Peony Flower Extract, Safflower and Essential Orange Oil, this mask claims to hydrate and plump skin in record time which makes it perfect for those looking for a quick hydration boost. Aimed at dry/dehydrated skin, this masks incredible ingredient list could rival that of the Moisture Bomb masks.

The other mask that I haven't tried from this range is the The Fab Pore Pore-Refining Mask. Aimed at more combination/oily skin types, this mask contains Lavender, Mint, White Willow Bark and Tea Tree to not only reduce the appearance of any excess sebum but to also mattify and detoxify the skin at the same time. I think the reason I haven't used this one yet is because my skin isn't particularly oily except around that time of the month. So I think a case of forgetting it and not necessarily needing it has led to me forgetting about what promises to be a good mask.

One of the masks I have tried is the Bright and Beautiful Radiance Boosting Mask. I wasn't too keen on this mask, it didn't seem to fit the face well and started to peel away mere minutes after I applied it. It's ingredients are promising though, containing Vitamin C, Roobios Extract and Pink Grapefruit, this mask works well to brighten the skin and give it a healthy glow. It's only the material of the mask itself and the way it's cut to fit a face that let's it down.

A product in the range that did impress me was their Puffy Eye Attack Under Eye Brightening Hydro-Gel Patches. With ingredients such as Cucumber Juice and Liquorice Extract, this thin gel like patches work wonder to reduce any signs of puffiness as well as fatigue and dryness. Cooling, soothing and hydrating, this little wonders are perfect for the morning when your eyes need a bit of a pick me up.

And the last mask in the range and another I thoroughly enjoyed is their What A Peeling De-Clog Mask. Packed with ingredients such as Kaolin and Vitamin C this mask works to de-clog and purify skin whilst simultaneously brighten and giving skin a healthy glow. With this mask you get two capsules of mask which is brilliant value for money. There is a ton of product in each capsule and it also comes with a spatula so that you don't have to get your hands covered when you apply it. This mask is bright pink in colour and dries down quickly to a paper like consistency that you can just peel straight off the skin. It unlike other peel off masks actually comes off in one peel and leaves skin feeling smooth, soft to the touch and clean. Definitely my favourite product in this range.

Overall I really like the range of masks. There is the Moisture Mask which I haven't tried yet but sounds promising and the under eye patches and purifying mask are stand out products. I don't know when I'll use the pore mask or if I'd repurchase it purely because my skin doesn't need that kind of mask regularly. And the Vitamin C mask whilst I've repurchased it for the sake of this post, I don't know if I'd purchase it again because it's more work than I like my sheet masks to be. However if you're not planning on doing much whilst you wear the mask then it'll be perfect for you. Not ridiculously expensive with visible results and readily available in Boots, I'd say Soap and Glory have done very well with their foray into the ever growing trend of sheet masks.

Get Unready With Me

Getting ready for the day is something I find highly enjoyable as I get to play around with my make up, try new products and put together outfits that I'm happy with. But in all honesty, I enjoy that bit at the end of the day when I get to take it all off and get cozy in my pjs. So today I'm sharing with you the products I used to help me get unready from the day and ready for the night.

The first thing to come off is my make up. As much as I love putting my make up on I love taking it off even more. And I'm a big believer in double cleansing so I always choose two different cleansers so that my skin gets used to just one. The cleanser I find myself reaching for a lot for my inital cleanse is the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm. It's balm to oil formula is perfect for breaking down my make up, including mascara without weighing it down. It doesn't sting my eyes and removes even the most stubborn of mascara formulas.

Then it's on to my second cleanse and for this I usually go for something soothing or hydrating so my skin doesn't feel dry or tight after cleansing. The one I've chosen this time is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser. Containing nothing more than Hyaluronic Acid this lightweight gel cleanser cleanses away any lingering make up and daily grime whilst simultaneously giving skin a boost of hydration, something I find my skin needs after a day of wearing make up. Both of these I remove with a damp flannel or muslin cloth, it depends what isn't in the wash.

Now my make up is off and my skin feels a lot fresher, it's time to move onto the rest of my skincare. I'm feeling like doing a mask but before I go in with that I think I'm going to tone and refresh my skin to make sure the mask works better. So for my toner I'm going in with the infamous Pixi Glow Tonic. This is one of my favourite toners with it's 5% Glycolic Acid formula. It not only provides my skin with a gentle exfoliation but revitalises and refreshes whilst the Aloe Vera soothes and alleviates any dry or tight feeling I may have after cleansing.

Now this next step may seem a little excessive considering I'm putting a mask over top but I feel this is good at locking everything in place and really nourishing my skin. Before I apply my mask I go in and spritz my face generously with the Botanics Rosewater Toning Spray. It's really refreshing, nourishing and revitalising which gives my skin that much needed boost. Plus it smells absolutely divine.

Then it's finally onto my mask and as I'm feeling a little lazy I'm going for a sheet mask over your more traditional wash off mask. And there is only one brand I reach for when it comes to sheet masks, Garnier. Their Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks are amazing. They fit the face perfectly, don't flap about or peel off and genuinely feel like their working on the skin. The one I've chosen this time is their Glow-Revealing Mask. It contains Sakura Extract alongside Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise skin whilst revealing skin's natural healthy looking glow. They say to leave this on for fifteen minutes but I like to leave it on for longer so my skin really benefits from the serum that the mask is soaked in.

And whilst that's working it's magic I get myself into my pjs ready for the evening. And for that I can't resist pulling on this adorable set from Primark. Consisting of a crop top/bralette and shorts with an adorable Minnie Mouse print, this two piece is ultra soft to the touch and ultra comfortable. And my favourite part is that the crop top makes my boobs feel secure and supported even though it doesn't have any underwiring or built in support. And as a bigger busted lady it means I'm very happy as I can wear just this and not feel like my boobs are around my knees.

Then over top of that I throw on a ridiculously oversized sweatshirt. This is another gem from Primark and looks like just an ordinary sweatshirt but when you actually put it on, it is practically a dress. I love it! It covers my shorts and makes it look like I'm wearing more of a jumper dress than a sweatshirt. Plus it's uber soft inside and out and has this cute little embroidery design on the right corner.

 Then once I'm changed and my mask is removed, I move onto my hair. Out come the hundreds of bobby pins that hold it all in place and in goes a generous amount of the Rosie For Autograph Divine Miracle Oil. This multi purpose oil is lightweight enough to run through the lengths and ends of hair but can also be used in the bath and on the skin. With hints of orange blossom this delicious smelling oil is really nourishing in my hair and leaves my occasionally dry ends feeling silky soft and smelling gorgeous. Then I pile it up into a pineapple on the top of my head and secure in place with an invisbobble.

And the last bits I do to make myself feel pampered and relaxed for the evening is make sure my lips are smothered in lip balm and my hands are moisturised. Carmex is my go to for lip balm, I know a lot of people say it's not good for you but it's the only thing that actually leaves my lips feeling moisturised. And then to make sure my hands stay moisturised I go in with the Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream. Containing Honey and Satsuma Extract, this not only smells delicious but also is super nourishing on my hands and can take away even the worst dryness that I have. It never leaves my hands feeling greasy and sinks into skin quickly so you don't have to worry about getting a greasy residue over everything.

Now I'm make up free, with pineapple hair and no bra it's time to make myself a hot drink (a Salted Caramel Mocha) and snuggle down with this little bed hog who always wants to sleep right next to me even though there's a whole double bed available to him. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Top 3: Budget Cleansers

When it comes to cleansers I have tons. I can't help myself, I'm forever buying new ones. I have high end cleansers and budget cleansers but they all essentially do the same thing. And whilst you may think paying out for a higher end cleanser is going to mean better quality, sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. Sometimes the more budget friendly cleansers are better than those you can pick up from higher end brands. So today I thought I'd share with you my Top 3 Budget friendly cleansers.

The first is one I always find myself going back to. I intially brought it because Khila from MissBudgetBeauty recommended it in a video but it soon become a skincare staple for me after a few uses. The Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser is a lightweight, cream based cleanser that breaks make up down easily and can even remove waterproof mascara. It doesn't sting the eyes or leave it skin feeling dry or irritated after it's been removed and can be used even on sensitive skins. There is a slight tingling feeling when you use this but instead of irritating the skin or leaving it feeling tight or dry, it leaves it feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. Plus a little goes a long way so the generous size bottle takes a good while to get through.

Another cleanser that I can't get enough of comes from Botanics. Their Dual Effect Hydration Burst Cleanser not only removes all signs of make up and daily dirt whilst also hydrating the skin, alleviating the dry tight feeling a lot of cleansers can leave behind. This thick gel like formula transforms into a milk when activated with water and breaks down even the most stubborn of make up. It's perfect for those with dry or sensitive skins but those with combination to oily skins I'd advise trying a different cleanser as this would more than likely clog skin. Again this is a cleanser that requires very little to be effective which means it will last a good while making it brilliant value for money.

And the final cleanser is one I adore but don't reach for as much as I think I do. Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser is effective both as a make up remover but also as a daily facial cleanser. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid and not much else which means that it instantly boosts skin's hydration levels with every use. A little goes a long way and always leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated but it's strong fragrance is just a little off putting. I've been using this for a good six months now and haven't had any breakouts or reaction to this cleanser but it's fragrance does always make me wonder if one day it's going to cause a reaction with my skin and I have to stop use. If you're skin is one that barely ever reacts badly to products then this cleanser would be perfect for you but if you're skin is easily irritated then I'd say stay away from this. That being said I'm not going to stop using it because I adore how it makes my skin feel and how clean and clear my skin looks after every use. Plus it comes in a pump which is my favourite packaging design when it comes to cleansers.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Review: PS Matte Lip Kit

I'm a big fan of a matte lip product, especially those that come in a kit with a matching liner and with brands all bringing out their versions of Lip Kits I'm in my element. Barry M do fantastic Lip Kits in a variety of shades but apart from them there aren't many more on the market, espcially ones that catch my eye. And when I noticed that Primark had released their own version of a matte lip kit I just had to pick one up.

The Lip Kit that costs £3 consists of a lip liner and a matching liquid lipstick. Now I don't know the colour of this as it I've thrown away the packaging and there isn't a shade name on either the lip liner or liquid lipstick. What I can tell you is that it's a stunning berry purple shade that on fairer tones is going to pop and be a vivid berry shade whereas on darker skin tones will be a more muted yet still bold purple shade. The lip liner is unsurprisingly creamy like the other liners that Primark sell and just glides along the lips, leaving behind a highly pigmented colour. It doesn't drag or scratch at that the lips when you apply it and you can easily fill in the entire lip with it. It can be slightly drying if worn on it's own but a little lip balm underneath soon remedies that.

The liquid lipstick is thin and lightweight in consistency. It applies opaque in one coat but does have a tendency to dry down a little streaky. That can of course be remedied by applying another coat but then there's the risk it's going to dry and look even more uneven or it'll start to crack or peel away from the lips. That's why I advise using the lip liner all over instead of just outlining the lips with it, it helps give an even colour all over. The doe foot applicator is standard size and has just enough flexibility to glide almost effortlessly over the lips. It takes slightly longer than normal to dry down and even when it's completely dried down it has a slight tackiness to it that could possibly lead to it peeling away over time, especially if you eat or drink.

I've worn this quite a lot to really give it a fair test. I've tried it just outlining the lips with the liner, filling in my entire lip with the liner and even just the liquid lipstick on it's own and everytime I've needed to go in with a moisturising lipstick over top to even it out and to make it more comfortable to wear. The slightly tackiness to it means it wears from the inner corners of the lips quicker and leaves a slight uneven finish to the lips. It did become slightly drying and uncomfortable after a few hours and I was grateful to take it off when I could. Which is very disappointing because the concept and the shade of this product are both very promising. However there is something just lacking in the formula which makes it harder work than it should be. If I were you I'd spend a bit more and buy one of the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kits, they're lightweight, comfortable and you'll forget you're even wearing it.