Thursday, 19 October 2017

Recipe: Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

Halloween is quickly approaching and ever since I was bitten by the baking bug back in August, I've been trawling through Pinterest looking for Halloween themed bakes I can try my hand at. And the first of a several that I've made are these adorable and easy Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats. This recipe comes from but I stopped following the recipe when it came to decorating them as I couldn't get everything they recommended for decorating.

Quick disclaimer: Whilst I'm posting this recipe, I'm not trying to take credit for it and have credited the blog/website I found it on. I've also added a clickable link that'll take you to the original blog/website where this recipe is featured. I'm not claiming to have come up with this idea on my own, I just thought it was a good recipe and treat idea for Halloween and thought I'd share my attempt at making a Halloween themed treat. 

- 4tbsp Butter
- 5 Cups Of Mini Marshmallows
- 7 Cups Of Rice Krispies
- Green Food Colouring (I used Dr Oetker Extra Strong Green)
- 200g Milk Chocolate
- 1 Tube of Writing Chocolate

As I couldn't get all the decorations that the recipe recommended, I decorated them my way. However if you wanted to follow the original recipe you'd need;
- Candy Eyes
-  Green Mini Marshmallows
- Melting Chocolate
- Paper Straws

  1. Over a low heat, melt the butter in a large saucepan. It'll have to be large as it's what you'll be making the whole mix in. Once the butter has melted slightly add in the marshmallows and mix continuously until everything has melted together.I'd advise to not take your eyes off it for a second because that's when it's like to burn, especially towards the end when it's only a small amount left to melt. 
  2. Once the marshmallows and butter are melted and combined, it's time to add in your food colouring. I used an extra strong gel food colouring as I wanted to make them really pop. Add it in gradually and mix thoroughly between each addition. It'll stop the colour sinking to the bottom of the pan and will give an overall colour later on.
  3. When you have the colour you desired, it's time to add the Rice Krispies. It's best to do it gradually, one cup at a time, so you can easily mix them in and make sure that they're all covered evenly. Make sure to mix from the bottom as well so any of the marshmallow mix isn't left stuck to the bottom.
  4. With a buttered spatula, press the mixture into your prepared tin and smooth over until the top is even. Don't forget the corners so you get a precise square edge. Cool and cut into rectangles. I cooled mine over night but you can pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours. This is where I stopped following the original recipe. However if you click the link in the introduction, it'll take you to the original recipe where you can decorate it exactly as the recipe depicts. 
  5. To decorate I melted 200g of Milk Chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water, it takes a while but it's worth it the long while. Chocolate melted over a bain marie always has a glossier finish than chocolate melted in the microwave. 
  6. Once I took the melted chocolate off the heat, I used the boiling to activate my Writing Chocolate Tube as per the instructions on the back. 
  7. Then making sure I had plenty of room to let them set, I dipped one end of each rectangle into the melted chocolate to create his hair/top of his head. I let them rest on a clean piece of baking parchment and made sure they were evenly spaced apart so there was no chance of ruining them. 
  8. Once all of them are dipped in chocolate, the writing tube should be ready to go. As per the instructions, knead the tube gently and then snip off the end. With a steady hand; mine was uber shaky which is why mine looks a little uneven,  draw a straight horizontal near the bottom of the square. And then draw three of four evenly spaced vertical lines through it to create the mouth. Repeat for each rectangle and then in the space left between the hair and the mouth, dot the writing icing to create eyes.
  9. Leave them to set and then store in an airtight container to keep fresh or pop them into a Halloween themed bowl and serve at your Halloween party or gathering. 
 This is what they look like when they were finished and were being left to set. They look slightly uneven but because they're a Halloween treat I don't think they have to be particuarly precise or perfect. These are a perfect treat to make with the kids and are bound to go down a storm with all ages at parties and gatherings.

Top Tips For Hormonal Skin

Today's post isn't what I originally scheduled for today but I couldn't just get this subject off my mind. Hormonal skin is a pain in the ass. It messes with our routines, knocks our confidence and makes us lose our spark. I should know as I've been in a constant battle with my skin for the last few days, yet today as I write this, I've had a breakthrough and thought I'd share a few tips to help anyone who is struggling with hormonal skin.

Now everyone's skin reacts differently around that time of the month. For some their skin may become more reactive to products they've used for an age, whilst others could find that their skin becomes oilier the closer to their period they get. For me my skin get oilier, my pores become more visible and I'm more likely to have a cluster of break outs around my mouth and chin.

Some people instead of getting oilier go in the complete opposite direction and become dry and rough to the touch. And that's where a good acid based toner or skin treatment comes in. Now I personally use a acid based toner once a day, my skin loves them. And I find they work even better when it's coming up to that time of the month. And if you suffer from excess amounts of texture during the build up to your period or during it, then these two products are perfect for you. Alpha H's Liquid Gold and Pixi's Glow Tonic are both 5% Glycolic Acid solutions that weaken and remove dead skin cell, effectively reducing and retexturising skin's feel as well as it's radiance. Glow Tonic can be used everyday after a morning cleanse, make up removal or evening cleanse whereas the Liquid Gold is more suited as a twice a week treatment, mainly in the evenings so your skin benefits more from it.

Now I've found through talking to customers, friends and family that no matter what your skin does during that time of the month, it always needs soothing. Skin is such a fickle thing and can flare up at any time, no matter what time of the month it is but generally it always becomes more irritable and fickle around your period. And that's where this two products come in, in my routine. The Botanics Roswater Toning Spritz is the perfect toning mist to soothe and replenish skin. It's lightweight so it's not going to clog pores and it absorbs quickly and easily into the skin so it's not going to create excess sebum and make you look oilier than you may be. It's also brilliant at reducing redness which will not only make applying the rest of your skincare a dream but also make up and will give you a confidence boost. The B Essence Lotion does exactly the same as the Rosewater Spritz but it's also great at reducing the appearence of blemishes, including any redness that may be surronding it. It's lightweight enough to be layered underneath the rest of your skincare and whilst it's working to soothe skin and fight blemishes, it's also giving skin a deeper burst of hydration that'll last longer and leave skin feeling softer for longer. I really enjoying layering it under a sheet mask so it absorbs some of the product on the mask and allows it to work longer on the skin.

Masks are a god send for hormonal skin. There is one out there for everyone and I've got three that I think have really helped me with my skin. The first is a brand new mask that I tried today and for the purpose of this post. The B, B Detoxed Clay Face Mask is a charcoal based clay mask that works to open pores and pull any blemishes and crap out. It's also aims to reduce both the size and appearence of any exsisting blemishes. I've had two spots that just won't bugger off and they've been driving me crazy. And their both to do with hormones. So today I slathered myself in this and I'm so glad I did. After the allotted fifteen minutes, after I'd rinsed it, both blemishes looked reduced in size and looked less inflamed and visible on my skin. They're still not completely gone but this has really helped them on their way out. It's not just this mask that's good for it, any charcoal based mask will work wonders, especially if your skin is feeling a big clogged up and in need of a detox.

The second is a skin saviour. As I said, my skin tends to get oilier during my period and it drives me wild. On the off chance I tried the Soap and Glory Fab Pore Sheet Mask. It's aimed at combination/oily skins and contains Witch Hazel and Tea Tree to mattify and reduce the appearence and production of excess sebum. And it worked wonders, my skin felt less oily, looked more like it would normally and the combination of ingredients closed any open pores I had. It's a sheet mask so it's a lot less fuss than your standard mask and can be worn whilst you're watching TV so they're a great choice for giving your skin a bit of TLC.

And the last mask is from GlamGlow. Their Thirstymud mask is the perfect hydration boost for skin without having to wash it off or walk around with a bit of wet tissue stuck to your face. I can never remember what's in this mask but applying this leave on mask feels like you've splashed your face with water. It can be used as a night moisturiser or just as a pick me up throughout the day but no matter what, skin will hydrated from deep within and will have a radiance that'll definitely boost your confidence. Plus it smells like an exotic holiday and can deny that doesn't give them a boost.

Under eye patches are a necessity during the lead up to your period. Crying. That's all I'm going to say. A lot of people get emotional and have a good cry during the lead up to their periods. I'm the worst, the slightest thing and I'm crying like a baby. And that's where under eye patches come in. Not only do they hydrate the under area and help with the appearence of dark circles (lack of sleep, another thing to thank your hormones for) but they also reduce puffiness, especially if you've had a good cry. My favourites are the Rodial Dragon's Blood Under Eye Patches but I had none in the house so I went with my second favourite which comes from Soap and Glory. Their Puffy Eye Attack Hydrogel Patches work wonders at cooling, soothing and reducing puffiness from the under eye area. Because of the material they're made of they don't flap, fall off or become a general pain in the ass when you wear them. I love popping a pair on in the morning, especially if I've had a good cry the night before and let them work their magic. Concealer and any other make up I apply over top always applies better after using these and I always make sure to have two or three packs in the house at all times.

Now the last tip isn't skincare related but it is make up related. I know it may seem tempting to slap on the highest coverage foundation you have when you're skin is feeling crap and all you want to do is eat all the junk. But in fact that will actually make skin worse, especially in the long run. Trust me I know it seems daunting to go nowhere near a full coverage foundation when your skin is looking it's best but your skin will thank you in the end. Lightweight coverages that can be built with light layers are the better way to go. Cushion foundations and BB Creams are a good way of covering any imperfections you may not want the world to see, not only because they provide coverage but they also allow your skin to breathe. One of my favourite light coverages is the Rosie For Autograph Sheer Finish Complexion Enhancer. It's got the coverage of a lightweight foundation but feels like a BB Cream on the skin. It covers what I want it to cover but still allows my skin to look and feel like skin. It's a favourite of mine both during hormonal times and the rest of the month.

Cushion foundations are another option if you want coverage but don't want to overload skin. Maybelline's Dream Cushion foundation is a brilliant option. Not only is it travel friendly, easy to do touch ups with but it's lightweight, a buildable medium coverage that allows skin to breathe and it won't cling to any imperfections that you'd like to minimise. I tend to go for this when my skin's at it's worst, otherwise I reach for my Rosie For Autograph to do what I need it to do.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

GRWM: Night Out At ABBA

This past Saturday (the 14th) me and my mum had a night out. We went to see Thank You For The Music, a show that had tribute acts that sang the songs of both the Bee Gees and ABBA. I'm a huge fan of both and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'd happily see it again and again, it's amazing.So I thought that because I was dolling myself up a bit after nearly a week of being make up free, I thought I'd share with you my make up and outfit.

Once I've done all my skincare and have run my beauty blender under a tap, I prime my face. And for this I used a combination of primers. First I off I went in with the Barry M Hydro Fix Primer Water. This is really hydrating on the skin and also soothes skin as well. Once I'd patted it in I went in with the Maybelline SuperStay Primer. It's lightweight consistency makes you thik it won't work but in fact it's better than thicker formula primers. This leaves behind a tacky finish that really makes foundation or any base product you lay over top stick in place. Once I'd rubbed this in my skin looked perfected and felt hydrated, refreshed and soothed.

Because this was the first night out me and my mum had had in a long time, I wanted to look that little bit more polished than I would on the everyday basis. So I dug out the Collection Lasting Perfection Colour Correctors to make my base that little bit more flawless. I started off with the Lemon shade under my eyes where the dark circles were darkest and blended it out with my finger. I find blending these out with a finger works better than with a sponge or a brush as it really melts the product into the skin. Then I took the Green shade to reduce the redness I had around a couple of blemishes and places such as around my nose. Again I blended it out with my finger and then dusted my Real Techniques Setting Brush over the places I'd placed them, using any excess product that was left on the brush from any previous uses to set them in place.

Foundation time and I just managed to squeeze out enough of the Loreal Total Cover Foundation to do my face. I love this foundation, it's go a ridiculously high coverage that covers blemishes, redness and uneven skintone. I dotted this all over my face then took my damp beauty blender and bopped it until it was blended in. It doesn't take a lot of work because a little bit of this foundation goes a long way and it's full coverage finish means you don't necessarily need a lot.

Now it's onto concealer and because I used the colour correctors and a full coverage foundation, I didn't need a lot of concealer. I dabbed a small bit of the Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer under my eyes and blended it in with my beauty blender. Then on my forehead mainly I popped a little bit o the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair to give a little bit more coverage and brighten my skin. This is a high coverage foundation but it doesn't look too heavy on the skin or sink into pores. Again I blended it in with my beauty blender and then went in to make sure everything was perfectly blended.

For powder I went in with the MUA Transparent Pressed Setting Powder. I didn't need a lot of this because the foundation was a matte finish so there wasn't a lot of shine or radiance on my face. I did take a bit under my eyes to make sure nothing wore away or creased as the night went on. And for that I used my Real Techniques Setting Brush which is just the right size for under the eye. Then I took my B Powder Brush which is absolutely massive and dusted it over my forehead and along the edges of my face to essentially lock everything into place.

I gave my brows a quick brush through with a spoolie and then ran a little bit of Benefit's Gimme Brow through them to add a little color and texture to them.

After a quick curl with my lash curlers I went in with a coat of the Maybelline Lash Sensational Primer. I absolutely adore this lash primer. It not only conditions my lashes but also helps maintain the volume and curl of my lashes after I've applied mascara. Then for mascara I went for a tried and tested one that I knew I'd get a good lash look from. And the mascara for that job was the Loreal Miss Hippie Mascara. It's full barrel shaped bristle brush really works to lift lashes and give them a stunning defined look everytime I use it. And this time it didn't disappoint either and the finished effect made my eyes look wide awake and almost doll like which is something I didn't know I liked the look of.

Lip colour was something I debated over for a while. I wanted to go bold but my outfit wouldn't work with a bold and then I had to find the right pinkish nude that would look too much with it. In the end I went for a combination I've worn countless times. I started off with the Barry M Lip Liner in Blowout. It has enough of a brown pink undertone to match this lipstick perfectly. It's creamy, opaque in one swipe and so easy to apply. I lined my lips with this but kept it handy for any touch up I needed once the lipstick was on. Then I went in with my trusty Rosie For Autograph Lipstick in Lady Rose. As you can see I adore this lipstick so it was really the only choice for me when it come to choosing out of the Rosie For Autograph Lipsticks I own. This has a sheen finish but doesn't transfer ridiculously easily and feels comfortable on lips, even after long periods of time.

For my outfit I went with my trusty super high waisted skinny jeans that make my legs look longer and suck everything in, giving me a little more confidence. I paired it with this top from Primark which I've only had chance to wear once since I brought it and it's just too pretty to leave it in my wardrobe. It's thick enough to keep me from getting cold but wasn't too thick so I overheated. And I absolutely adore the white lace bottom that gives it a more expensive feel than it actually was.

For shoes I broke out a pair I'd brought especially for the night out. I actually brought these back in July when I first saw them, even though the weather was anything but Autumnal. These are made of a suede like material which makes a bit problematic if it rains but last night we were lucky. They have a slight block heel which is manageable to walk in and I didn't feel like Bambi on Ice in these. They hurt a little towards the end of the night but I think that was a combination of continuous dancing and having not worn them a lot. I can't wait to wear these for any other nights out I have, including the work Christmas Party.

Once I was dressed it was time to pack up my bag. I intially nearly brought this bag when I first saw it but my bestest Jasmin told me I didn't need it as I'd already brought a bag for this particular night out. However when I was shopping a few weeks later and I couldn't keep it out of my mind, I caved and brought it. It was the embellished detail that really sold it to me and I loved the little addition it gave to my outfit. I didn't take a lot with me, just a small purse with some cash in it , a compact mirror, my lip liner and lipstick.

I'm ready to head out the door but before I do, I've got to spritz some perfume. And the only perfume I'm reaching for at the moment is the Limited Edition Rosie For Autograph Rose Gold EDP. I've not had this for two weeks yet and I've already worn it a ton. I can't get enough of it. It's got the original Rose Centifolia notes that her original EDP had but this time it has added Bergamot, Amber and Freesia. It's got a spice to it that makes it perfect for evenings but it's not too overpowering for everyday wear. I sprayed this liberally and could still smell it when I got home, a good six hours later.

And here's the final look. I know the lighting isn't the best but it was a quickly taken selfie which was followed by a picture of me and mum together; it's our little tradition. I'm really happy with how this look turned out, especially since I've been having some skin complaints these last couple of weeks. I had a great night out and would definitely recommend seeing it/booking tickets again.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Product Empties:October

It's time to show you my trash again! Yes it's product empties time again and surprisingly there isn't as much to share as I've had previous months. If you're new around here and aren't sure what these posts are, I collect empty beauty products for three months and then share my thoughts with you on those products. I did one in January, April and July and today's post is the last empties of 2017. So let's get started.

Let's start with make up as it's the category I have the least for. This first product is probably one you've seen in my previous posts if you've been here a while. The Maybelline SuperStay Primer is my Holy Grail primer and I've lost count of how many bottles I've gone through since it was released in January. I go through so many as it's my everyday primer and I can't put make up on without applying this first. It's lightweight, doesn't clog my skin up and makes my make up last a lot longer than it does without it. I'm sure there will be plenty more of these featured in these posts as I'm not getting bored of it anytime soon.

Another primer you'll be familiar with comes from Barry M. Their Hydro Fix Primer Water is the perfect companion for the Maybelline and the pair make my make up apply and last beautifully. Surprisingly I've only gone through one bottle of this compared to the Maybelline but because it's a spray it lasts longer and you use less with each use. Not only does this prime skin for make up but it gives skin a hydration boost which is essentially locked into skin once you've applied your make up.

The last bit of make up I've used up is the Collection Fixing Spray. This is one of two setting sprays that I go between on a daily basis. It's a fine lightweight spray that locks make up into place, removes any signs of cake face and doesn't clog or irritate skin. It gives skin a soft matte finish but still allows skin's natural radiance to show through. It really works to keep make up looking fresh throughout the day and can easily be topped up if necessary. I'm on my second bottle now but I don't reach for it unless I know I need my make up to be in place all day.

I actually remembered to save a couple of bath bits this time. The first is the Soap and Glory Scrub Em and Leave Em Body Buff. This was a nice scrub, worked well and smelled divine. However it didn't impress me as much as the Sugar Crush Body Scrub does. It smelt good, lasted a while and didn't irritate my skin or leave it feeling sore afterwards. I wouldn't buy it again as I just love the Sugar Crush scrub a lot more.

The other bath product I saved is the Zoella Sweet Inspirations Bath Latte. This was nice but didn't blow me away. It didn't create a lot of difference in the bath, just left behind a beautiful smell that I can't get enough of. There was only a little bit in the bottle when I was tidying my bathroom the other day so I used it up to just declutter the room. I like the Zoella bath products but they always seem to have some disappointment as well as they never seem to work as well as she says they will.

Now this product may not look like it's empty but there is just no way to get that bit from the bottom out. This is a product I recently rediscovered in my collection and instantly fell back in love with. It's the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk and it's amazing. It really breaks down make up, including mascara and leaves skin feeling squeaky clean but not stripped of it's natural oils The only downfall is that once the straw connected to the pump can't reach the product, you have no way of getting any out. Therefore you end up wasting a bit and even though it's not ridiculously expensive, it's still annoying and a waste of money. I've got another one on the go now and I can't get enough of it.

And the other cleanser type product I finished is the Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser. This is a cream based cleanser that reminds me a lot of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I really like this cleanser, it works well to break down make up but is also gentle enough to be used on bare skin. I've got another in my back up draw and can see myself showing another in a future empties.

An eye make up remover I finished is the Simple Duel Effect Eye Make Up Remover. This is good, it removes all signs of my mascara at the end of the day. It does leave a slightly greasy feeling residue around the eyes but that can easily be wiped away with a cotton pad. I'll probably buy more of this not because I enjoy the greasy feeling but because it's more effective than other eye make up removers I've tried.

I finally finished my Botanics Rosewater Toning Spray. I thought this was never going to end, I'd been using it for months and there was no sign of it coming to an end. I love this spray, it refreshes my skin, soothes and hydrates all at once. I love using this after I've taken my make up off or if my skin is feeling particularly sensitive as it instantly soothes and refreshes but doesn't drench skin. I already have another open and can guarantee that you'll be seeing more of these in future posts.

A facial spray that you've probably seen in an empties post before is the B Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz. This is one of my holy grail facial sprays and I've gone through so many bottles of this since it was released. Containing nothing but Hyaluronic Acid this spray hydrates skin at a deeper level and locks in moisture for longer, leaving skin looking feeling better for longer.

The last facial spray I have is from Pixi. I had mixed feelings about this when I first started using it but then fell in love with it, and that's when it was finished. The Pixi Wake Up Mist is perfect for a skin pick me up in the morning. It's got citrus extracts infused in the formula which really work to invigorate and wake up skin whilst simultaneously giving it a hydration boost. I don't know if I'd buy it again because it seemed to go down really quickly and I don't think you get enough product for the price point.

Loreal's Hydra Genius is a product I still can't talking about even though I'm on my third bottle. Aloe Water and Hyaluronic Acid make up it's formula and it works to hydrate skin over a longer period of time due to it's complex of ingredients that penetrate the skin deeper than most moisturisers. I will definitely be repurchasing more bottles of this, I can't go a day without using it and my skin instantly shows the difference if I miss a day.

Two serums that I finished that do practically the same thing both come from Superdrug Own Brand ranges. The Clearly Youthful Hydrating Day Serum is sadly discontinued but I'm slowly working my way through my various back ups. It's hydrating, lightweight and just downright fabulous for my skin. I'll be very sad when I run out of this completely. The Simply Pure Hydrating Serum is a permanent part of Superdrug's Own Brand collection and does exactly the same as the Clearly Youthful, except the formula is a little gentler so that it can be used by those with even the most sensitive skins. I'll definitely be buying more of these and it's perfect for layering under a thicker moisturiser to give skin that perfect hydration boost.
A day cream I've finished and forgot was in my empties bin comes from Garnier. It's their Water Gel Glow Enhancing Cream. Part of the Moisture Bomb range, this contains Hyaluronic Acid and Pomegranate Extract to deliver a extra boost of hydration to skin which will leave it feeling softer, smoother and more supple for longer. This particular one has something extra in it that enhances skin's natural glow. I love this cream, it's lightweight enough to layer under make up but still enough to wear alone on non make up days. I've very nearly finished another pot of this and need to pick myself up a back up.

Another moisturiser from Garnier that I've finished up is my favourite Miracle Sleeping Cream. This gel like night cream with bounce back technology is like a good night's sleep in a pot. Packed with ingredients such as Lavender Essential Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil this moisturiser works to replump, refresh and hydrate your skin whilst you sleep. And even if you haven't had a good night's sleep, this cream will make it look like you have.

I don't use face wipes to remove my make up but I do use them to change or remove lip colours. They are so simple and can be quite precise at removing my chosen lip colour. And as I wear lipstick a good six out of seven days I go through a lot of wipes. Simple are some of my favourite as they don't break me out, are drenched to the point where they ruin the rest of my make up and actually remove the product, even liquid lipsticks. The Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Wipes are perfect for those more stubborn liquid lipsticks that an ordinary wipe won't remove. I'll definitely be buying more wipes in the future, which ones I'm not sure. It all depends which ones on offer.

All that's left to show you now is masks and as per usual there is a lot of them. Starting with the ones I seem to use the most, I've gone through seven of the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks. Now they're not all the same type as you can see I seemed to have had three favourites out of the entire range. The Glow Enhancing, De-Tiring and Soothing masks have been the ones I've reached for the most lately. They're the ones that seem to do the most for my skin and I see instant results after using one whereas the original tissue mask doesn't seem to do a lot for my skin now. I have a pile of each of these in my collection so I'm sure you'll be seeing them in future empties.

I've also been trying out the Soap and Glory Sheet Masks a lot lately and I've managed to use the entire range since my last empties. The Puffy Eye Under Eye Patches are a definite repurchase, they worked so well to make my under eye look refreshed and puff free. The Radiance Boosting Mask I wouldn't be bothered about not repurchasing as it didn't do a lot for my skin. Whereas both the Pore Refining and Miracle Moisture Mask I'm mad about. They work brilliantly on the skin with instant results that carry over to the next day, especially if used in the evening. I have back ups of everything, even the Radiance mask as I want to give it a second chance.

I also used up one pot of the Soap and Glory What A Peeling Mask. I love this mask, not only because it's bright pink but because it works and my skin feels like heaven after I've used it. Plus there's something really satisfying about peeling it off once it's dried. You get two pods of this when you buy the full package which makes it great value for money and definitely a good reason to repurchase when it runs out.

I tried some Primark masks recently with mixed results. A friend told me great things about the Holler and Glow sheet masks so of course I picked one up. I was so disappointed. It was practically dry when I took it out the package. It didn't fit my face and in fact fell off after five minutes of wear. For £3 I would recommend trying something like the Garnier Moisture Bomb to get your money's worth. The other two sheet masks I tried from Primark weren't much better but they actually managed to stay on my skin for longer than five minutes. I didn't particularly see any difference in my skin once I'd used them but for the price point I didn't expect a lot. I probably won't repurchase them because I have tons of other that are worth the money.
I finally got round to trying one of the Origins Sheet Masks. I tried the Lavender mask to compare it to the De-Tiring mask from Garnier and whilst I liked it, I found it didn't give as good a results as the Garnier. However that being said it did leave my skin feeling soft, supple, hydrated and refreshed. However at a fiver a pop I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy another anytime soon.

Another mask I tried from Primark is their Charcoal and Black Sugar Scrub Mask. It was terrible, it was clumpy, scratchy and didn't spread on the skin. I only managed to leave it on the skin for five minutes before I had to remove it. It didn't do anything and I definitely wouldn't buy it again.

And the last two items that were sitting in the bottom of my empties basket were things I actually enjoyed using. The first is a multipack of under eye patches from Primark. Claiming to reduce the appearence of dark circles, this didn't exactly do what they claimed to but they did help hydrate and reduce any puffiness I had going on around my eyes. There were four pairs in there for a pound and I really enjoyed how they left my skin feeling so will definitely be repurchasing them. The other pack are the Charcoal Nose Strips from Superdrug. These little wonders work better than the more expensive ones from Biore and cost an eighth of the price. Really good at pulling out all the blackheads and crap from your nose and surronding area, I find myself fascinated when I remove them. Definitely something I'll be restocking on as they're always on some kind of 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Dupes: Facial Cleansers

 I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love a good cleanser. After face masks they are the one product I'm always buying new of either to try as it's new or it's just caught my eye in a shop. However sometimes my budget doesn't always allow for me to try tons, especially high end ones. So I've been looking round and found three budget friendly dupes for the more higher end cleansers that I love.

High End: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser £14
Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is one of my all time favourite products. It's cream formula works to not only cleanse and lightly exfoliate skin but also to soothe and help with the appearence of redness and roseaca.Containing ingredients such as Vitamin E, Calendula and Aloe Vera this is perfect for those who want their skin to feel invigorated after cleansing but not stripped, irritated or left feeling as if it's going to break out. Perfect to use both as a morning or evening cleanse, this will leave skin feeling clean, nourished, revitalised and ready for anything you apply over top without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy.

Dupe: Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser £5.99
However if you're looking for a more budget friendly version to try then I recommend high tailing it to your local Superdrug and picking up their own brand Hot Cloth Cleanser which is just as good as the Liz Earle, if not better. Containing Kiwi, Mulberry and Horse Chestnut Extracts this cream based formula is lightweight and doesn't weigh skin down or clog pores. It has naturally occuring AHA's in it's formula which work to loosen and remove any dead skin cells, revealing brighter more radiant looking skin. It's hypoallergenic and suitable for those with even the most sensitive skin, it's complex of ingredients leaning more towards the natural than the chemical one a lot of cleansers have.

High End: Clinique Take The Day Off Balm £22
Cleansing balms aren't something I reach for a lot but I do adore the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm. It's balm to oil formula eradicates even the most long wearing of make up without leaving skin feeling greasy or clogged. A little goes a long way and is gentle enough to remove eye make up as well. It has a bit of a price tag but I've owned my tub since last December and am still nowhere near the bottom. It's worth every penny.

Dupe: The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm £10
The Body Ship's Camomile Cleansing Balm was the first cleansing balm I tried and I can see why it's such a popular product. Lightweight, balm to oil formula and suited for more sensitive skins, this balm removes all signs of make up including eye make up. It's only downfall is that it's not as large as the Clinique so you do tend to go through it quicker. Mine is actually empty and I keep meaning to pick a new one up.

High End: Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm £16
The last high end cleanser that whilst it's nice is easily duped comes from a lesser known brand called Merumaya. It's a thick almost balm like consitency that transforms into an oil once you rub it into skin. It breaks down even the most full coverage of foundations and could even be used to remove make up but obviously it may sting eyes if used incorrectly. I like it because it works and it doesn't irritate my skin even if it has a strong scent that reminds me a lot of the Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

Dupe: Botanics Hydration Burst Dual Action  Cleanser £6.99
And the last dupe is one that I enjoy but don't reach for as much as I should. I think it's the slightly thicker consistency that puts me off. It's particuarly a bad thing but when it comes to removing my make up I'm more inclined to lightweight yet powerful cleansers that just cut right through everything. However if you have more dry/dehydrated skin then this cleanser is perfect for you as it's thick formula works to nourish skin as you remove make up. And it's half the price of the Merumaya which if you're skin is a little sensitive to fragrance may irritate whereas this has barely any fragrance so shouldn't cause any kind of discomfort.