Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Review: Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar water is something I have a lot of trouble getting along with. A lot of them, even those that claim to be for sensitive skins irritate my skin after a couple of uses and cause my skin to erupt into those horrible, under the skin blemishes that don't amount to anything and just generally are a pain in the arse.

Then I discovered the Simple Micellar Water and it works wonders. I don't break out when I use it and it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry afterwards. So of course when they released a new version I just had to try it. The Simple Water Boost Micellar Water is the same formula as their original Micellar Water however it's infused with skin friendly plant extracts and minerals that simultaneously hydrates skin whilst it cleanses. It's perfect for those with dry/sensitive skins that find micellar waters irritate or leave skin feeling tight and uncomfortable.

I was quite worried this would break my skin out because of it's added ingredients. And I have had breakouts since I used this but they were caused by either hormones or my skin going through it's healing phase after I had my brows waxed. This micellar water has not broken my skin out or left with me loads of those horrid under the skin blemishes that cause my skin to look and feel bumpy to the touch. In fact it's done exactly what it claims to do on the bottle. This has been perfect as a cleanser for the days where I haven't worn make up and just need to refresh my skin. It hasn't left it feeling anything other than hydrated after each use as well as cleansed and refreshed. If you are in the market for a new micellar water but haven't had much luck finding the perfect one, this one may be just what you're looking for. Definitely check it out when you're browsing the skincare aisles of your local Boots or Superdrug next.

Monday, 14 August 2017

5 Products That Changed My Skin

As a blogger and self proclaimed skincare junkie I find myself trying new skincare products out regularly. Some of them work wonders on my skin and some of them are nice but don't show a drastic result. There have been five though that showed a brilliant change in my skin not only after the first use but also every use afterwards. And these products are the products I believe to be the ones that have helped give me good skin that I'm happy with.

 The first is a product that you've seen me talk about a lot on here and there's a very good reason for it. The Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is one of a few cleansers that have changed how my skin looks and feels after cleansing. I could have featured a few in this post but went with the Cleanse and Polish because it was the one that showed such a dramatic change in my skin. I suffer from redness that before Cleanse and Polish was unmanageable. I always thought that my cleanser wouldn't affect my skin so much but I was wrong. Packed full of ingredients such as Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Calendula and Chamomile this cleanser not only breaks down make up and daily grime but also soothes skin and gently exfoliates at the same time. I'm not sure what it is in this cleanser but not only does it give skin a brilliant cleanse, it also soothes my skin and reduces the look of any redness my skin may have. Not only has this product made me more comfortable in my bare skin but it's also helped how make up applies and how it looks as a finished look. I never understood the hype around this product but now I can see why it's one of the best selling cleansers on the market.

The next product I was recommended because I loved Cleanse and Polish so much and whilst it works brilliant alongside it, it also works amazingly with other cleansers as well. It's another Liz Earle product and is their Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer. This is packed with all the same ingredients as the Cleanse and Polish but essentially comes in a spray form. This is the perfect morning toning mist as it really invigorates skin and wakes it up whilst simultaneously soothing skin and reducing the appearance of redness or uneven skintone. A few spritzes of this in the morning after I've cleansed rejuvenates my skin as well as soothes it and helps take down any redness that has appeared overnight. And I can certainly tell when I haven't used this as my skin will look lacklustre and my redness will be apparent than normal. It doesn't hurt that it smells divine either.

I love a good acid based product. Pixi Glow Tonic, Nip and Fab pre soaked pads, anything that is packed full of AHA's or BHA's is right up my street. And Alpha H's Liquid Gold is exactly that kind of product. Packed with Glycolic Acid this toner has not only changed the look of my skin but the feel of it as well. It only took one use of this to dramatically reduce any texture I had along my jawline and chin. And ever since then it's only ever improved the feel of my skin with every use. I use this twice a week after cleansing as a toner and love how it retexturises, rejuvenates and invigorates my skin. It's not for those with very sensitive/reactive skin but if you're skin reacts well to acid and your skin is need of a bit of retexturising this will be right up your street.

A cream that I can't live without because it's results are so astounding comes from Garnier. Their Miracle Sleeping Cream is one I spent a while using and then forgetting about but everytime I did use it the results were instantaneous and now I can't go a night without slathering my face in this. This thick, nourishing cream contains Hyaluronic Acid and Lavender Essential Oil that works as you sleep to hydrate skin and remove any signs of fatigue, no matter how bad a nights sleep you have. And in the morning skin looks plump, revitalised and hydrated. It's a brilliant cream for nights before big events or if like me, you just like skin to look perkier in the morning. I've lost counts of how many pots of this I've gone through but I know I will continue to go through countless more until the results change and I'm not wowed anymore.

And the last product is another one that I didn't think would change my skin so dramatically but it did and I can't get enough of it. The B Essence Lotion seemed like a lot of faff when I first saw it in the shops but I picked one up purely out of intrigue. And I'm so glad I did. This is my go to product on days when nothing else is doing anything for my skin and I need to soothe and hydrate my skin without overloading it with product. Lightweight in texture, it's just a case of pressing it into the skin where it easily absorbs and gets to work straight away. A small amount of this is enough to hydrate my skin, soothe any irritation and reduce the appearance of redness. And without clogging the skin either, this paired with something like the Loreal Hydra Genius is a guaranteed good skin day and I always find myself reaching for this combination when I'm having a lacklustre skin day or my skin is feeling particularly hormonal.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Review: Loreal Paradise Extatic Mascara

When a brand releases a new mascara I'm normally not fussed whether I buy one or not. I'm happy with my favourites in the shape of the Loreal Miss Hippie and Maybelline Push Up Angel. However when I saw that Loreal were going to be releasing their new Paradise Mascara I knew I just had to snap one up.

Duped as better than Two Faced's Better Than Sex mascara, this new release looks extremely similar both packaging and brush wise. The Paradise mascara claims to have an ultra soft brush and Castor oil infused formula that gives lashes a boost as you wear it.

 The dense bristle packed barrel shaped brush distributes products evenly along the lashes and grips each one individually to give them a defined, lengthened and volumised look. One swipe of this brush gives even the straightest of lashes a lifted defined look and a second swipe will only increase the volume and definition, meaning you can easily build up a stunning lash look with very little work.

The formula is a lot wetter than other Loreal mascaras I've tried and it does have a tendency to smudge onto eyelids if you're a little slap happy with application. It's easily rectified but is slightly annoying if you're getting ready in a hurry. But once it dries on the lashes, it takes a good oil based eye make up remover to remove it and even then you may have to go in a couple times to really make sure it's all gone.

I really like this mascara. I have really stubborn lashes that don't like holding a curl no matter what mascara I use or how many times I curl them before application. However this require very little work or effort to give my lashes a volumised, defined look that actually stays in place all day long. The top picture is what my lashes look before any mascara and the bottom picture is what my lashes look like after just one coat of this mascara. I'm amazed at the difference it not only makes to my lashes but to the overall look of my eye. My eyes look bigger, defined and more awake, something that a lot of mascaras don't help with at all. And they stayed like that all day long whereas other mascaras would have drooped and dropped the curl within a couple of hours wear.

My only bug bear with this product is the price. At £11.99 a pop it seems a little steep for a drugstore/high street mascara. However price rises seems to be a theme throughout drugstore brands so I suppose I should have seen it coming. That being said though I wouldn't let the price discourage you from purchasing it. It's still cheaper than the Too Faced Better Than Sex and gives results which are very similar or even better than it. Whilst I don't like the price I'm not entirely against paying out for it because the results are brilliant and for a straight, stubborn lashed woman like myself it's a miracle worker. Definitely check it out when you're next at a Loreal stand, it's definitely one of the better beauty releases of the year.

Review: Pixi Glow Mud Mask

There's nothing more I love than a good face mask. I'm forever trying new ones but I always find myself reaching the same ones over and over again. One that I tried, put away and then rediscovered and fell in love with is the Pixi Glow Mud Mask.

Containing Ginseng and Aloe Vera as well as Koalin and Sea Salt this mask not only purifys, soothes and brightens skin but simulataneously stimulates and rejuvenates skin. It also helps with excess sebum as well as deep cleansing pores and reducing the appearence and feeling of exsisting blemishes. Surprisngly there is no Glycolic Acid or AHA ingredient in this formula which means this will the perfect deep cleanse mask for those who's skin struggles to get along with acids. However it is advised you follow up every use of this with the Glow Tonic Toner which contains 5% Gylcolic Acid as well as Aloe Vera and Gingseng, so if you are a fan of acid based products then you can add that into your routine after using this mask.

When it comes to this mask I wasn't wowed straight away. In fact I was quite disappointed because after a couple of uses I didn't see any results which considering the other Glow products showed instant results seemed strange. So I just stowed it away with my other masks until recently when my skin was on strike and didn't want to agree with anything I put on it. I tried charcoal based masks, I tried detox masks and AHA based masks and nothing worked. So out of desperation I reached for this and I'm so glad I did. It instantly helped my skin, texture was reduced, pores were minimised and my skin felt instantly soothed. I don't know what this mask did but it worked to put my skin back into a good place and I find myself reaching for this once a fortnight between other masks to keep my skin in a decent condition.

If you can't use AHA based products or don't like masks that contain Charcoal or other harsher purifying ingredients then I highly recommend you check this out. Containing a host of ingredients that work beautifully in conjunction with each other to not only put skin in a better place but maintain the results this mask is well worth it's £18 price tag. Sure it's not budget friendly but if you're someone who relys on masks to help skin clear on the regular then this will be worth every penny.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Review: Simple Hydrating Booster

Hydration is always key to happy healthy skin but just lately brands have been using it as their basis for the plethora of new releases that have been hitting the high street. Some brands do it well but some brands fail miserably. Simple is one of those brands that has done it very well, very well indeed.

Their new Water Boost Hydrating Booster is a gem of a product and is the first of it's kind on the high street, with a somewhat budget friendly price tag. A lightweight serum consistency this booster can be used as a pre make up moisturising primer, mixed in with your daily moisturiser to boost hydration or applied to areas where it's most needed. Perfect for those with dry/dehydrated or senstive skin this booster not only gives skin a moisture surge but also holds onto moisture and slowly releases it throughout the day when skin needs it most.

The first thing to notice with this product is that a little goes a very long way, especially if you're adding it into a serum or moisturiser. The second is that the results from this product are instantaneous, even more so if you're skin is very dehydrated. Before you've even finished rubbing this in, skin will feel hydrated, plumper and softer to the touch. And throughout the day skin doesn't change, it still feels hydrated and soft to touch even hours later, make applied over top or without make up at all.

I've tried this on it's own as well as mixed in with my daily serum. Whilst it's nice on it's own, leaving skin feeling like it's had a massive hydration boost, I do prefer it mixed in with another product. This paired with a rich moisturiser such as the Liz Earle SuperSkin Moisturiser not only lightens the consistency of the moisturiser but also adds a bonus pop of hydration that you're skin will be thankful for. And I love pairing it with the Liz Earle as sometimes that whilst hydrating and nourishing on my skin can sometimes feel too heavy and this just lightens it as well as boosting moisture levels. If you have a holy grail moisturiser but just want an extra boost then this is the product for you. It isn't going to replace any of your exsisting products, it will just give them a little something mre which will is nothing but beneficial for your skin.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Review: Botanics Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser

When it comes to cleansers I'm always in the market for a new one. Sure I have tons I adore and use reguarly but I like to see what else the market, especially the high street has to offer. And just last month I found one from Botanics that I've been absolutely loving.

Their Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser is a two in one cleanser that gently yet effectively removes make up, dirt and grime whilst giving skin a hydration boost that most cleansers don't. Enriched with Clary Sage to soothe and hydrate skin, this gel to oil cleanser is perfect for those with dehydrated and sensitive skins.

The first thing I like about this cleanser is that it's thick. It's not one of those horribly runny cleansers that drips off your fingers before you've gotten it anywhere near your face, effectively wasting good product. And whilst it sounds like it would be hard to to cleanse skin with, it's not. A little bit of water and it transforms into a milky looking oil that breaks down make up quickly and effectively without drying the skin out. A warm flannel is enough to remove it and afterwards skin feels cleansed but not stripped and is still soft and supple to the touch.

The second thing I like about this cleanser is that it actually does what it says. It claims to effectively and gently remove make up without leaving skin feeling tight or irritated and that's exactly what it does. The consistency when you first apply it makes you think that it would be very heavy and pore clogging on the skin but that all changes when you add water and transform it into the oil. Then it becomes very lightweight on the skin and you can feel it breaking down any make up you have on without sitting pores, washing away easily with a warm flannel or muslin cloth.

Overall I love this cleanser, it works, it's gentle on my sometimes reactive skin and it has been one of the only cleansers I've reached for this past month. It's organic, budget friendly and can be picked up at your local Boots. If you have dehydrated, sensitive skin that struggles to find skin friendly cleansers then I highly recommend checking this out.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Every brand is starting to dip their toes into the liquid lipstick trend. Barry M do fantastic ones as do Stila, MUA and Nip and Fab. And now Rimmel have joined them with their recently released Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks. They claim to be a high intensity, pigmented liquid lipstick that has a velvet finish and lasts for up to 12 hours whilst remaining comfortable to wear.

There are fourteen shades in the range starting with beautiful nude shades working through some gorgeous bolder shades and finishing with some slightly more eccentric but still stunning shades. The two shades I went for are Plum This Show and Fire Starter. Plum This Show is a deep plum shade that has more of a purple undertone than raspberry whilst Fire Starter is a bold red shade that is neither a blue toned red or a tomato red, sitting somewhere in the middle.

Now I'd love to tell you that both of these are highly pigmented, opaque in one swipe and comfortably long wearing. But I can't, I can only tell you this about one shade. Fire Starter is the shade to go for out of the two. It's opaque in one swipe, doesn't take a lot of work to get right and when it dries down, it's not budging. Like you can eat a greasy cheeseburger followed by a huge slab of fudge cake not moving. And I know because I've tried it. It does not budge and doesn't need reapplying either. It's an absolutely amazing shade, the doe foot applicator makes application a dream and you don't need to layer coats to get a highly pigmented matte finish that is totally comfortable even if you've been wearing it for a good few hours.

Plum This Show on the other hand is a disaster of a shade. What looks like a beautiful shade in the tube is a streaky unworkable disaster. It doesn't even swatch nicely. Now you may think I'm being harsh but it's the truth, I've tried so many different ways to get it to work and it just isn't. Under lip liner, on it's own, in thin layers, nothing works with this shade. And it's such a shame as it looks like it has the potential to be such a good shade. It would look absolutely stunning during the upcoming colder months if it just worked but it doesn't which is so disappointing.

Shades aside, these liquid lipsticks have the potential to be some of the best on the high street. Their velvet mousse feel makes them a lot more comfortable to wear than others' on the market and don't dry lips out. The doe foot applicator applies just enough product and has enough flexibility to it that it smoothly glides along the lips, leaving behind an opaque colour that dries down in seconds and doesn't budge. Compared to the Barry M, Loreal, MUA and Gosh liquid lipsticks these are the best for their price point. And at £5.99 a pop you can't complain. I definitely plan on picking up some more shades including the stunning bold pink called Heartbeat.