Thursday, 29 September 2016

Review: Barry M Coconut Infusion A16 Releases

When Barry M release new polishes you all know that they'll appear here at some point. And when they released their new Autumn shades for the Coconut Infusion Range, it was the quickest I'd ever parted with my money.

There are six shades in total for their Autumn range but I only picked up four. These were the colours that stood out to me the most. From left to right there is Storm (dark grey), Oasis (dark purple), Boardwalk (greyish purple) and Island Fever (dark red). The other two shades were more neutral paler shades that were very similar to several other shades I own.

These shades are perfect for the upcoming colder months. Storm being a dark grey shade makes a perfect alternative to black nails as does Oasis. Sometimes black polishes can be a bit too much but these darker shades are dark and seasonal whilst still holding a bit of colour. Island Fever is a perfect red shade for Christmas and topped with a bit of red glitter will create the perfect festive nail look.

If you don't know the premise of these polishes I'll give you a quick run down. They're infused with both Coconut Oil and Water to hydrate and protect the nail whilst wearing them. They discourage the use of a base coat with these as it allows the infusion to penetrate the nail deeper without the barrier between them. But don't worry, none of the shades will stain the nails and easily come off with normal acetone formula nail polish remover.

One of my favourite things about these polishes are the brushes. Instead of being thin and hard to use like the old Barry M polishes these have a flat square ended brush which coats the nail in one go. Not only does this make them more precise it makes painting your nails quicker. They also don't take very long to dry on the nails so smudging them between coats is very unlikely. I would advise though doing two coats for all of the shades not because the formula is thin or streaky but because it gives a really nice depth to the colour. However if you're in a rush then you could get away with just one coat.

If you're looking for some new seasonal nail shades then I highly recommend checking these releases out. They're good for the nail, right on trend and don't break the bank either.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

My Top 5 Barry M Polishes For Autumn

When September hits it's not only my lip colours that get darker. My nails join the party as well and I say goodbye to bright colours and welcome in the dark shades and more interesting neutral shades.

Gelly Hi Shine Polish in Almond: This is my ultimate neutral favourite. It has a bit of brown in it, a bit of grey and even a bit of blue. It is a brilliant dupe for Nails Inc's polish in Porchester Square. It's Gelly formula means it slightly thicker than other polishes but it means that it's opaque in one coat and has a high shine finish when it dries. One coat would work well but I'd advise two coats just to make sure there aren't any streaky patches.

Gelly Hi Shine Polish in Paprika: This is one of the more interesting shades I like to bring out during the autumn. It's almost a burnt orange colour which reminds me a lot of pumpkins. It's the same formula as Almond but needs two coats as it can be streaky. It has the same high shine finish and is harder to chip than some of the other Barry M formula's.

Speedy Quick Dry Polish in Pit Stop: This is more a blue toned grey shade which is thinner in formula than the others. Two coats is definitely needed to make this pop on the nails and appear opaque. This part of their Speedy Quick Dry range which comes with a square flat brush and rapid drying formula. It makes doing your nails so quick and because it's a rapid dry polish you don't have to worry too much about smudging whilst you wait for it to dry.

Sunset Daylight Curing Polish in Dark Side of The Shroom: This a play on the normal neutral nail. It's a grey toned purple shade that does have a brown undertone running through it. It has a thick formula which means you can get away with one coat. It comes with it's very own top coat which will cure the polish and make it harder, so essentially making it harder to chip. Plus once this is introduced to natural or artificial light it sticks to the nail better and bends with the nail as well.

Sunset Daylight Curing Polish in Vengenance is Wine: This is the darkest shade I'll pull out for Autumn. It's a deep red wine shade that can look purple in lights and even brown in others. It's another one that needs to be paired with it's special top coat and won't chip as easily as others. Two coats are definitely needed as this can be a little patchy or streaky after one coat. It makes a great alternative to black polish.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

September Favourites

It's that time of the month again. No not that time. It's September Favourites time.

This month I've been all about those fall lip colours. So NYX's Matte Lipstick in Alabama has been right up my street. It's a deep blue toned red that has a brownish undertone. If you're fair like me then this will definitely be a brilliant colour for you. It makes teeth look whiter and gives skin a somewhat flawless looking finish. It's a dry matte texture but once it's applied it doesn't feel drying or uncomfortable. It's pretty transfer proof and doesn't smudge or smear. I've loved wearing this to work this month as it really adds an autumnal hint to my look.

A skincare favourite I've been loving this month is Liz Earle's Instant Skin Boost Spritzer. It contains the same ingredients that their Cleanse And Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and is extremely soothing for people with sensitive skin or who suffer with redness or irritable skin. A couple of spritzs of this and my skin feels toned, soothed and moisturised all at the same time. I only have a travel sized at the moment but will definitely be picking up a full sized bottle when this runs out.

Another skincare favourite of mine this month is the Origins Clear Improvments Charcoal Mask. This is a beast of a mask. Definitely not a mask to do when you've got a big event coming up. I love this mask as it gurantees to get all the crap out of your skin. It's very similar in formula and look to the Loreal Pure Clay Detox Mask but a lot more potent. A little bit goes a long way and it dries down harder than a normal clay mask. Once it's taken off your skin feels ultra cleansed and purified and then a few days later it's like boom, spots hoorah. But don't worry it actually makes skin better in the long run. I need to pick up a full sized bottle of this and keep it on standby for skin emergencies.

Barry M released a setting spray at the beginning of the month and it's knocked my Maybelline Setting Spray off the top. It comes in two finishes, Matte and Dewy. I have the Matte finish spray and it's the best setting spray the high street has to offer. A fine mist that doesn't drench the face or move make up around sets make up to matte finish which will stay in place all day. Usually I look a lot shinier when I've finished running around at work but with this spray my face is still matte and in place. I did a full review here if you're interested.

And my final favourite of the month is one that I didn't have particularly high hopes for. The Gosh Cover and Conceal had high claims that I didn't think it would meet but I was very happily surprised. A medium to high coverage foundation with a satin finish gives skin a flawless look whilst still keeping skin looking natural. A little bit goes a long way and it helps cover things such as blemishes, uneven skintone and redness. It's a not the lightest formula but it does still feel like your skin can breathe while you're wearing it. A perfect foundation for the upcoming colder months.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review: Gosh Cover And Conceal Foundation

When it comes to base products they have to work miracles to impress me. And by miracles I mean they have to have coverage, staying power and not cost the earth. So when I got my hands on the new Gosh Cover And Conceal Foundation I had high hopes.

And those high hopes were met and exceeded. This foundation contains a mixture of hyaluronic acid and seaweed complex that helps retain moisture in your skin whilst you wear it. It's a satin finish foundation which has a medium to full coverage and is easily buildable.

If you have oily skin, suffer from redness or uneven skintone then this product may just be right up your street. It's high coverage means that redness, sallowness or uneven skintone is covered but still looks natural and skinlike. Even though it looks thick and hard to blend, it's actually not. It'll blend seamlessly over an skin issues or imperfections, working as both a foundation and concealer.  Once blended it doesn't look cakey, settle into enlarged pores or cling to dry patches. And it stays in place, yes oily skins will probably get a bit shiny but the product itself won't fade or transfer. It also gives skin a brilliant glow so it you're looking for glowy healthy skin then this will be right up your street.

Calling a product Cover And Conceal with the claims it'll be a dual product is quite something for a brand and many have tried before and disappointed. However this product actually does cover and conceal at the same time leaving skin looking flawless, skinlike and healthy. Plus it doesn't break the bank at £9.99 a bottle.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Autumn Lip Edit

It's the end of September and the weather's turning colder so it can only mean it's time for an Autumn Lip Edit.

Rosie For Autograph In Lady Rose: This is a perfect neutral shade that will take a look from Summer to Autumn. It has both brown and pink undertones that will suit a multitude of skintones, even those with a very skintone. When first applied it has a sheen finish but it does dry down to a semi matte finish that doesn't budge even when you eat or drink. Non drying, this doesn't become uncomfortable the longer you wear it and it's easy to reapply without clinging to any dry patches.

Kate Moss For Rimmel in 107: This lipstick always have a revival when September comes along. It's a perfect berry toned lipstick that suits everyone. It's dry matte texture is surprisingly comfortable to wear and it doesn't transfer or smudge. It can be tricky to reapply but it depends on the condition of your lips. If lips are chapped or dry then it can stick or fall into patches and leave darker patches on the lips. However if lips are in a good condition then you'll have no problems.

PS Love Matte Lipstick in Desire: This shade is a bit more unique shade. It looks like a burnt orange with a hint of red. Kind of like a pumpkin. It's a drier formula than most matte lipsticks and if lips are chapped or dry then this won't be for you. It will highlight dry patches especially when it's reapplied. However reapplication is minimal because this does not budge, even when eating or drinking.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama: This is the one red lipstick that will take you from Summer to Autumn and through to Winter as well. It is a blue toned red that has a brown undertone to it and makes teeth look whiter. It's a matte finish lipstick but very comfortable to wear, doesn't try the lips out and doesn't become uncomfortable after a few hours wear. It has creamy, easy to apply formula that just glides on the lips and leaves behind a highly pigmented opaque colour.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry: This is another brilliant neutral shade that will suit a multitude of skintones, even those with a very fair skintone. It has a mauve undertone that'll give fair skintones a boost. It's one of the best matte finish lip products as it doesn't transfer, isn't uncomfortable to wear and so easy to apply. They don't transfer and even if it does then reapplication is easy and won't cling to dry or chapped patches. Plus they smell like mint which is probably the best scent for a lipstick.

So that's it for this Autumn Lip Edit. What are your autumnal lip products? Let me know in the comments.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Review: Benefit Porefessional Primer

For the longest time me and Benefit's Porfessional Primer did not see eye to eye. It would ball up and move my foundation around and there were no signs of it prolonging the wear of my make up. So for a long while I used cream based primers until one day I gave this a go again. And ever since this has been my go to, everyday primer.

If you've never tried Porefessional before it's a primer that contains silicone and glycerin to help adhere make up to the skin and prolong it as the day goes on. It's perfect for people with oily skin as it helps control the excess sebum skin creates.  It means it helps control shine and stops make up from wearing away from the skin. It also contains pore blurring technology which helps reduce the look of enlarged pores and means that your chosen base product won't fall into pore or highlight the size of them.

The silicone in the formula may not agree with everyone, it all depends on your skin type. As I've said people with oily skin will benefit from using this product but if you have dry or sensitive skin it may not agree with your skin. If you find this makes your foundation/base ball up then try mixing it with a cream primer so that instead of clinging to the silicone in Porefessional it'll stick to the skin and help adhere the foundation to the skin.

A full size tube of this retails at £24 but you can pick up a smaller travel sized bottle for £10 at most Benefit stands. It's pricey and seems like a lot for a primer but when you see the way it works with your make up, it'll be worth it. If like me then you don't want to spend £24 to begin with then definitiely pick up the smaller size, it'll last a while even if used everyday.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Review: Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

When it comes to cleansers and face washes I don't believe in spending the earth. Why bother when all your going to do is wash it off? Right? But that was before I tried the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. And now I'm trying to bring myself to part with the hefty price tag so I can have a full sized pot to replace my near empty travel size.

This is a very rich cleanser that melts when it comes into contact with skin. It quickly and easily dissolves all make up including eye make up and leaves skin feeling soft, soothed and well cleansed. A little bit goes a long way and can easily work away even the most stubborn of waterproof mascaras. Brilliant to use on bare skin or a made up face this cleanser works to hydrate, clarify and add radiance to the skin. Perfect as an initial cleanse or as a second cleanse it works well to cleanse the skin without leaving it feeling stripped or dry.

It also smells like heaven in a jar but if you have sensitive skin do not worry, this will not break you out. It can be used on all skin types, containing ingredients that not only break down make up but help with skin issues, especially for people with oily or dry skin. It doesn't sting the eyes if you get it in them and from experience it doesn't cause any tightness, irritation or break outs. It's a very pricey cleanser but it's a product you'll skin will love and you'll find yourself using it sparingly as it comes to the end. And it even comes in travel size for if you're always on the go or are dubious about spending so much on a product you've never tried before. I personally will be splurging on a full sized tub, my skin just doesn't know what to do without it.

Available from Marks And Spencers

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Top Tips For Sensitvie Skin

For the longest time I've suffered with sensitive skin. It's made trying skincare products a hassle and even finding core staples in my skincare routine hard work. Luckily as I've gotten a bit older my skin has changed and is less sensitive towards certain products/ingredients. So today I thought I'd share with you my top five tips for sensitive skin.

The first and most important tip is drink plenty of water. It's everyone's top tip for looking after skin but if you have sensitive skin this actually helps soothe the skin. Water is brilliant as it doesn't only hydrate the skin which essentially gives skin that plump healthy look to it but it also helps reduce the look of dark circles and redness. It may seem like the most bland thing to drink and some may struggle to drink the recommended amount each day but when you start to see the results in your skin it's all worth it. I use these Evian 2 Litre bottles as a guide to how much I've drunk in a day and if I drink a whole bottle then not only do I feel better in myself I know my skin is going to look and feel better as well.

The next tip is too avoid any products that are too drying, stripping or harsh on the skin. Products such as acid toners, acid treatment pads, charcoal masks and products with a high alcohol content are not going be nice to people with sensitive skin. They're more likely to cause breakouts, redness, rashes, texture, dryness and irritation. However there are products out there that you can use that hopefully won't cause your skin any irritation. If you want to try Glycolic Acid but don't want your skin to break out, try the Pixi Glow Tonic or the Nip & Fab Glycolic Extreme Fix Night Pads. Both can be used on sensitive skin, contain 5% Glycolic Acid and are best used as once or twice a week treatments for sensitive skin. The same stands for the Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. It's a charcoal based face mask designed to pull out the crap from your skin, however if you have sensitive skin then it can be drying. Not as drying as other charcoal masks on the market but still somewhat stripping, this is best to be used once or twice a week for the recommended time period. It can cause breakouts and skin may play up afterwards but that's what the ingredients inside are there for, to help detox skin. Some of the best products to treat my skin even when it's feeling ultra sensitive.

Another great tip is to not over-exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is key to help remove any dead skin cells on the face and leave skin feeling softer, smoother and texture free. However too much exfoliation can cause irritation, which could leave skin looking red, feeling sore and could even cause break outs. And when you do exfoliate try not to scrub to harshly at the skin as it's just going to cause the same issues for your skin. A couple of good exfoliating products which are good for the skin are the Olay Anti-Wrinkle Face Wash and the Loreal Pure Clay Glow Mask. Both containing exfoliating micro beads that help aid the removal of dead skin cells. The Pure Clay Mask you obviously leave on for the standard ten minute period but when it comes to removal you can/are recommended to rub the mask where it sits on your skin to activate the micro beads inside and scrub gently at the skin. These are products I'd advise one or twice a week so that the skin doesn't become too sensitive and aggravated.

The next one is very obvious but people sometimes do forget it. Aim to use products that are designed especially for sensitive skin. These products tend to have lower or no alcohol content and any abrasive or irritating ingredients are a lot less potent in the product if they are in there at all. Simple and Simply Pure are brilliant brands for sensitive skin as every product in their range is aimed at sensitive skin and hypoallergenic. The Simple Micellar Water is one of the best I've tried, it doesn't break the skin out, doesn't irritate skin and actually removes all signs of make up or dirt and grime. The Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion is another brilliant cleansing lotion aimed at sensitive skin. It contains Salicylic Acid to help clear away break outs but is aimed at sensitive skin so it shouldn't cause redness, irritation or break outs. I've been using this since I was thirteen and haven't had any adverse effects.

And when it comes to SPF there is one that is brilliant for people who are worried about wearing it. The Hawaiian Tropic Facial SPF is oil free, hypoallergenic and light enough to wear on a day to day basis. Because it's oil free it means it's less likely to block pores and leave a build up on your skin even after cleansing. It's a personal favourite of mine as it has something in it that sort of blurs skin and gives it a better look without make up. If you can still pick this up then I'd highly recommend doing so.

And the final tip follows on from the previous one. Try to use products that contain natural ingredients or ingredients aimed at soothing and looking after the skin. Liz Earle is a brilliant brand for sensitive skin. Most of their products contain natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. The Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser works as both a cleanser and an exfoliant, both of which won't irritate the skin. However if Liz Earle is a little bit out of your budget then I'd recommend trying the B range. It's products are all tested on real women, aimed at enhancing the skin and most of their products contain Allatonin, an ingredient which helps soothe skin. Their Essence Lotion and Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz both contain Allatonin which helps to soothe the skin whilst adding moisture. All four of these products have helped to reduce my redness, especially the Liz Earle products so if redness is an issue I'd recommend giving them a go.

That's it for my Top Tips for Sensitive Skin. Have you got any of your own tips. I'd love to hear them so don't hesitate to share them in the comments below.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Review: Benefit They're Real Tinted Lash Primer

Let's see a show of hands who have laughed at the prospect of buying or using a lash primer. Don't be ashamed to admit it because until recently I would have done exactly the same. That's until Benefit's They're Real Tinted Lash Primer came into my life. And now I can't go a day without it.

With the same ball ended flexi brush as their They're Real Mascara this tinted lash primer helps lift and seperate the lashes whilst helping to hold a curl and volume. A product that can be used either under a mascara or on it's own, this lash primer contains a vitamin complex which helps conditions the lashes whilst you wear it. Paired under a mascara this helps seperate and prevent clumps whilst holding any volume your lashes have. Or you could wear it on it's own to add definition to the lashes and give them a slight tint at the same time.

It's the perfect product for wearing on no make up days as it adds a little something to the eyes. Teamed with Benefit's Porefessional and a hint of lip balm this is the perfect pick me up for eyes when you don't want to wear anything too heavy. It is a pricy product, especially for what it is but when you see the results you'll understand why it's become a staple part of my routine.

Definitely one of the pricier items in my collection but well worth it in my opinion, this has changed how my lashes look. If you have trouble keeping your lashes curled or volumised then I'd definitely say give this a go.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Review: Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

Sheet Masks have become a big thing this year with a lot of higher end brands releasing their own versions yet the high street was severely lacking. That was until Garnier released their Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask.

Each packet contains one tissue mask that is drenched in serum. The serum contains a mixture of Hyaluronic Acid and Pomegranate Extract and is perfect for people with dry to dehydrated skin. It doesn't mean you can't use it if you don't have those skin types but is a lot more effective on people with those particular skin types. It's a boost of hydration for the skin that's effects can last as long as a week.

The mask is a very thin tissue material that wraps itself to the skin and doesn't budge when it's on the skin. It has a clear sheet over the top of the tissue that you remove once it's applied. It helps keeps a much of the serum on mask itself so that you get the best results possible. Unlike a lot of sheet masks these don't have ill fitting holes cut out of them and actually sit where they're supposed to on the face. It's much more of a pleasurable experience wearing these masks compared to other sheet masks on the high street.

Once this masks comes off skin will look bouncy, soft and hydrated. Due to the Hyaluronic Acid it'll look plumper and won't feel so dry or textured. People with oily skin should definitely use these with caution as even though skin still needs moisture, it may not mean that it'll need that much moisture. These are also suitable for sensitive skin and don't contain any ingredients that are known to create break outs. And the best bit about these masks is that they only cost £1.49 full price but can always be found at save a 1/3 in either Boots or Superdrug.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Back To School Make Up/ Simple School Make Up

It's that time of year where everyone is gearing up to go back to school. I wasn't big on wearing make up to school but know that there are some who prefer it whether it be to cover blemishes or to just even out the skin. So today I'm going to show you my simple and easy to do back to school look.

The first thing that is vital is a good moisturiser. Making sure your skin is properly hydrated is the key thing to any make up look. Simple's Light Hydrating Moisturiser is the perfect base for make up and helps keep skin moisturised without clogging pores. Plus it doesn't break the bank.

For base it's always best to go for a light base and then work over any imperfections or blemishes with concealer. My favourite for a light finish base is Bourjous' CC Cream in Ivory. It has colour correcting pigments in it that help correct skin imperfections. It's very lightweight, breathable and buildable. A damp beauty blender or a buffing brush are the best options for applying this as they both give an even flawless finish. This may not cover all skin imperfections but you can easily cover those with concealer.

For concealer there is only one that will work wonders. And that's the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair. It works both under the eyes and over redness or blemishes. It's a full coverage concealer that doesn't look cakey or over the top. It blends easily with a damp beauty blender that will stop it from creasing under the eyes and looking cakey over any blemishes. And after all of that it's best to set everything with powder. Collection do a brilliant pressed powder that doesn't break the bank and is so finely milled you won't know this is on the skin. Press it gently under the eye area with a small brush such as the Real Tecniques Setting Brush and all over with a big fluffy brush like the B Powder Brush.

Once you're base is complete it's time to move onto the eyes. It's always best to keep it simple on the eyes so it doesn't look like you're trying to hard or like you've been punched in the eye (me at 14). I'd personally just curl my lashes and pop some mascara on to give my eyes a wider look. Barry M's Showgirl Mascara is a brillant budget mascara that gives a natural yet volumised look and makes eyes look more awake than they may feel. And then it's onto brows. Brows can help shape a face so if you need to fill them in, go for it. Maybelline's Brow Drama Pomade makes filling brows in super easy and because it's a crayon they don't look to harsh or overdone.

For lips I'd keep it simple with a bit of lip balm. But if you want a hint of colour when you're at school then try a stain. They start of as a bolder colour and as the day wears on the colour will slowly fade leaving a stain on the lips. Revlon's Colorburst Balm Stains are brilliant choices. They come in a range of colours and once the intial sheen has worn off you're left with a beautiful stain that lasts for a good few hours.

And finally if you have oily skin or your make up just slides off your face then try a fixing mist. Barry M's Mist and Fix Setting Sprays come in two finishes, matte or dewy. If you have oily skin the matte finish will help control excess oil whilst keeping make up fresh and in place. And if you like a bit more of a glow then try the dewy finish that works the same as the matte but with more of a glow.

And that's it for my Back To School/Simple School Make Up Routine. I hope this helps if you're struggling with products and that if you're back or going back to school to enjoy as best as possible. It's something I wish I'd done whilst at school.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Review: Barry M Hydro Primer Water and Setting Spray

When I saw that Barry M were releasing a Setting Spray and a Primer Water I knew I had to buy them. The High Street is seriously lacking in Setting Spray's and Primer Water's, so it's nice to see that brands such as Barry M are branching out and taking a risk with their new releases.

The Setting Spray comes in two finishes. Dewy or Matte. I picked up the Matte finish as I'm not a big fan of dewy skin. I like my foundation to be matte so it lasts longer. The spray is a very fine mist that doesn't leave skin feeling wet when it's applied. It sinks into skin quickly and doesn't smudge any lipstick or eye make up you may be wearing. Once it's set on the skin it really does help prolong your make up and even if you do build up a sweat when you're doing whatever it is your doing then no worries, your make up will stay in place and still look as fresh as it did when you first applied it. I put this up against the Maybelline Setting Spray which I've been a big fan of since it was released and this spray beats it. Something I didn't think would happen.

Hydro Primer Water's are very hard to come by on a budget and the only other one I've tried is from Make Up Revolution. It wasn't that good and ended up being used to dampen my beauty blender. However this release from Barry M is very good indeed. It has the same fine mist as the setting spray and doesn't leave skin feeling soaked. It doesn't take too long to sink into the skin and once it has, skin feels smooth, soft and hydrated. It works well in conjunction with other primers. I use this before I apply my Benefit Porefessional and it doesn't affect how that applies over top. Skin feels smoother and hydrated for longer no matter how much make up you have on over the top. You could also use this for a facial spritz to give skin a hydration boost throughout the day.

For products that are hard to come by on a budget these a surprisngly good for their budget. At £4.99 these aren't the biggest bottles on the planet but if you look past that you have a brilliant product inside that is definitely a higher quality than it's tiny price tag. If you're heading to a Barry M stand anytime soon, I'd say definitely check them out.

Have any of you tried these? What did you think? Let me know in the comments. 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Review: Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks A16 Release

When Maybelline released their matte lipsticks this time last year I was overjoyed. And the shade I grabbed is one of my favourite lipsticks so when they announced they were releasing six more shades I had to get my hands on them. And I'm so beyond happy I did.

The two shades I picked up are Ruby Rush and Burgundy Blush. Ruby Rush is a dark blue toned red that really pops on paler skintones and makes teeth look whiter. And Burgundy Blush is a dark purple with brown tones that will really turn heads when the colder weather comes in. There are two more shades called Midnight Merlot and Berry Bossy that have caught my eye. They're both berry toned shades that will work wonders from the beginning of autumn all the way through to winter. And with quality of these lipsticks I'd be stupid not to pick them up.

 These lipsticks are exactly the same highly pigmented, opaque and creamy lipsticks like they're predecessors. There is no need to line the lips beforehand with these as the sharp edge of the bullet makes it easy to outline the lips as you apply it. These are really creamy to apply and one swipe will give you highly opaque colour that doesn't look streaky or patchy. And once they're on the lips it's almost as if they set straight away. They don't budge. Normally the sides fade slightly with most matte lipsticks but these don't even budge. And they don't smudge or smear like the initial releases in this line. They're not uncomfortable to wear and once they're on you won't even know your wearing it. I wore both for a good six/seven hour day and they didn't budge and I actually forgot I had them on.

If you're looking for a new lipstick/s for the upcoming colder months then I'd highly recommend picking the new Matte lipsticks up. There is a stunning range of colours and they are the same quality of some of the better high end lipsticks.

Have any of you tried these? What did you think? And what are your favourite shades? Let me know in the comments.