Thursday, 30 March 2017

Let's Talk Nude Lips For Pale Skintones

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know I'm an avid fan of a bold lip whether it be a red, a burgundy or a plum. And for the longest while I stuck with these shades as I didn't think that I could pull off a nude lip. Then last year I dipped my toe into nude lips and this year dived headlong into loving nude lips. And now nude lips are something I wear even more than my bold lips, and that's saying something considering I'm of the fairer skintone.

Let's start by saying I have very dark hair and a very light/pale complexion so automatically ruled nude lip products out as I believed it would look like wearing concealer on my lips. Everyone else seemed able to rock them but they just didn't seem to be for me. That's until I found that specific nude tone that worked well with my skin and from then on I found myself looking out for these particular tones and my collection of nude lip products grew.

If like me you don't know where to start when it comes to looking for a nude lip that works for you it's all about patience and trial and error. Don't be scared to swatch products even if you think they won't suit you. Some lip products look different in tone or colour in the bullet/tube but will look different on the back of your hand. It doesn't mean they're going to look the same on the lips but due to hygiene reasons it's not wise to test products on your lips. However you can hold your hand up to your lips to see if it would suit you or even hold the bullet in front of your lips to see if it would suit you. Now if you have blonde or light coloured hair then light brown tones will probably suit you better than the darker toned shades but if you have dark hair than the darker shades will suit you better.

 For example Maybelline's Creamy Matte Lipstick in Smoky Peach (top) would be better suited to people with lighter/blonde hair as it's lighter tan like tones brighten the complexion whereas Brown Sugar (bottom) is more suited towards ladies with darker hair. It's undertones compliment darker hair colours more than it would lighter hair colours. Now darker hair colours can pull of Smoky Peach but it's a lot harder and has to be with the right make up and outfit.

A nude shade that suits both light hair tones and dark hair tones comes from GOSH. Their matte lipstick in the shade Rose. It's mauve tone means that it doesn't look lighter on one than it does the other. It's very neutral and can not only be worn by paler skintones but can be pulled off by any skintone. This is such an easy colour to wear, you don't really have to worry about having to match the rest of your make up or outfit as it will suit a multitude of looks.

Another two shades that can be worn by everyone of a paler complexion are these two from Stila. These dry darker on the lips than they look in the tube so don't think you can't pull either of these shades off. Patina (left) is a deeper pink shade that could either be played up as a bolder nude lip or a neutral lip depending on your make up, outfit and hair colour. Serenata on the other hand is a more interesting shade for darker haired ladies, it's got a greige undertone that shouldn't work but for some reason does. And on blondes it would look like your standard nude shade but can be brightened or tweaked with a bit of lip liner if that colour isn't really for you.

If you wear nude lips already but want to add a twist as the weather warms up then this Milani Matte Lip Cream is perfect for you. This is the shade Adored and is a peachy pink colour that paired with very laidback make up stands out and distracts from everything else. It can be worn by every paler complexioned lady as it's undertones play differently with different hair colours. This comes off very peach in tone when I wear it and even though a peach shade shouldn't suit me this one suprisingly does. Harder to get but if you can get your hands on it, it's well worth it.

And finally we have not only my favourite range of nude lipsticks but one of the best selections on the high street. Rosie For Autograph is a collaboration between Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Marks and Spencers. And the lipsticks in her make up line are mostly neutral which is perfect for every nude lip lover out there. I have four neutral shades which I absolutely adore and that suit everyone no matter what make up you're pairing it with or outfit. From left to right you have Silk Cami, Silk Rose, Lady Rose and Camisole Blush. As you can see three of the four shades are very similar in tone and are the ones I find I can wear the most with my colouring. They all have that mauve undertone that suits my fair skin/dark hair combination whereas Camisole Blush doesn't suit that well but when worked with another lip product or lip liner can work. However if you can't pull off shades such as Lady Rose then you'd be able to pull off Camisole Blush and others in the range that have the same undertone.

So that's a few lipstick recommendations I have for you all. Before this post gets any longer than it already is I'm going to go back over some tips to help you pick out the perfect nude lip to suit you:
1- Swatching is key. Lipsticks always look different when swatched.
2- Whilst you can't test it on your lips, hold testers up to your lips. It'll still give you an idea of if the colour will suit you.
3- Darker shades look less obvious on ladies who have darker hair colours and can be more flattering than the more concealer looking shades.
4- Likewise blondes can get away with light looking shades as their hair colour lifts their complexion whilst they wear them.
5- If you find one you like but it doesn't quite suit you don't be afraid to mix it with another nude lip product or lip liner. Plus any shades you create are unique and people will be dying to know where it comes from. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Top 5 Barry M Polishes For Spring

Spring has sprung and alongside the Spring lip colours I've broken out the Spring nail colours as well. And whilst there are loads of I could chose from these are the five that have been really catching my eye.

Frosted Cupcake Nail Paint in Marshmallow
This is one of Barry M's latest releases. I didn't think I'd like this when it first came out but I actually love this shade. It's a light pink shade that has iridescent shimmer running through it. It doesn't stand out too much on the nail and isn't overly glittery or shiny. It's perfect if you want a no nonsense manicure as it makes nails look pretty yet not too over the top. It's square ended flat brush makes painting nails a doddle and they dry quicker than your standard polish.

Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Acai Smoothie
One of my favourites from the Gelly Hi Shine range Acai Smoothie is a deep pinkish shade with a purple undertone. It's thicker than average formula delivers a high shine that looks like it's come straight from a nail bar. It also has a flat square brush so application is easy and it's formula means you can get away with one coat instead of two if you're in a rush.

Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Pink Lemonade 
Another Gelly Hi Shine polish in a similar shade to Marshmallow. Pink lemonade has a almost greige undertone which makes it stand out from other light pink shades. It looks stunning on nails and it's high shine finish makes it really stand out. It's gel-esque formula is thicker than other Barry M formulas so it looks like you've had a gel manicure at a nail bar but without ruining your nails.

Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Freestyle
One of their Speedy Quick Dry nail paints I love at this time of the year is the shade Freestyle. It's more pink than Pink Lemonade but still has a greige undertone to it. It makes it more muted than other light pink tones out there and perfect for an understated manicure. These polishes dry even quicker than the Gelly Hi Shine range which makes them perfect for quick manicures. This formula is slightly thinner than the Gelly Hi Shine range so I'd advise two coats of this to make sure that it's completely opaque and streak free.

Coconut Infusion Nail Paint in Surfboard
The final polish I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of comes from their Coconut infused collection. The shade is called Surfboard and it's an off pink lilac tone that looks brilliant on both fairer skins and darker skins as well. This range of polishes contains Coconut Water to moisturise the nail whilst you wear it. There's no need for a base coat as they don't stain the nail. Two coats is enough to get an opaque finish that is streak free and stunning.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Monthly Favourites: March

It's monthly favourites time. The last couple of months I've had a never ending list of favourites but this month that list is a lot smaller. Some of it might be because I've been on some sort of no buy and it might be because I've gotten a collection of products I love so there's no need for me to go and find a new favourite of it.

Clean and Clear Gentle Hydrating Wash
A face wash I've been enjoying this month comes from Clean and Clear. Their Daily Hydrating Wash is gentle enough to use on my occasionally sensitive skin and doesn't dry it out or leave it feeling tight. It's lightweight gel formula doesn't foam like a lot of other blemish fighting face washes can do and doesn't strip skin of any of it's natural goodness. I don't tend to get a lot of breakouts but I find that a combinaton of this and their Sensitive Cleansing Lotion really works to help reduce their appearence and eventually wave them goodbye. It contains Rosewater and honey so even the most sensitive of skins can use it and not worry about it causing any irritation. It's perfect as a gentle morning cleanser.

Rosie For Autograph Lipstick in Rosie Lips
A lipstick that I brought that I wasn't sure I'd love but totally fell in love with on first wear is this new Rosie For Autograph lipstick in Rosie Lips. It's a deep pink shade that has no other undertones running through it, it's just straight up pink. I thought I wasn't going to be able to wear it because I can't normally pull of pink lipsticks but this shade really suits my fairer skintone. My favourite thing about the Rosie Lipsticks are that they initially have a sheen to them but dry down to a demi matte/satin finish that doesn't budge and just adds something a little extra to the lipsticks. I know I'm going to be getting a lot of wear out of this now the weather is getting warmer.

Rosie For Autograph Lipstick in Vintage Rouge
Alongside Rosie Lips the range also released a new red shade called Vintage Rouge. And I've fallen hard and fast for it. It's not too blue toned and it's not too orange toned which makes it perfect for this time of the year as well for later on when Summer finally arrives. The finish of these lipsticks means that it doesn't look to over the top and gives that statement pop that colours like this aim to do. I find myself reaching for this constantly alongside the other Rosie lipsticks and know that I'll be getting a lot of wear out of these in the future months.

 Rosie For Autograph Summer Rose EDP 
Another Rosie For Autograph product I've been loving is her Summer Rose Fragrance. This combines her original rose scent with notes of pear, blackcurrant, jasmine and musk. It's lighter than her two other fragrances which makes it perfect to wear during the day. I've enjoyed wearing it on it's own to work everyday and then layering it with either my Rosie For Autograph Nuit fragrance or my Elizabeth And James Nirvana White. I've nearly finished my first bottle but have already got a second larger bottle ready for when I run out.

 Beauty And The Beast 
If there is one thing I've been loving even more than my beauty favourites this month is Beauty and the Beast. The trailer made me want to watch it every time I saw it and then I started listening to the soundtrack and knew I just had to go and see it when it was released. I wanted to see it that much someone only had to mention it and I'd start humming the soundtrack. And I finally got to see it this Saturday. It was AMAZING! I really would love to go and see it again. Emma Watson was fantastic as Belle, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and Luke Evans all wowed me and really added something extra to the characters that the animated version couldn't. I'm definitely going to be buying this when it comes out on DVD.

 B Beauty Blending Sponge
I've used a beauty sponge for ages but until recently I wasn't enjoying it as much as I have been lately. And that's because I've finally been using it correctly. Now I know that may sound silly but until recently I was wetting it with a spritz like I'd seen hundreds of times on YouTube tutuorials but it wasn't giving me the results I wanted. So I started wetting it under the tap and the results are amazing. My make up looks even better than before and it doesn't look powdery or overdone all thanks to me learning how to use my sponge better.

 Maybelline Lip Definer in Brick Red
A lip liner I've enjoyed wearing with both my Vintage Rouge lipstick and my next favourite comes from Maybelline. It's one of their new release Lip Definers in the shade Brick Red. It's a deep red shade that has a blue undertone but not too much that you can't pair it with more orange toned shades as well. It's ridiculously creamy in texture and filling in your lips doesn't take forever. It also doesn't dry out lips like some lip liners which makes it perfect for pairing with liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks. I've enjoyed it that much I've lost the bottom off of mine.

Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lipstick in Paparazzi
And my last favourite comes from Barry M. Last month I featured their new Barry M Lip Kits which are limited edition but at the same time they released their new Matte Me Up Liquid Lipsticks. I obviously picked up the red shade and have been seriously loving it this month. When I haven't been wearing Vintage Rouge I've been weraring this. It's lightweight texture rivals the feel of Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks and they're just as comfortable to wear if not more comfortable. I love pairing this with the Maybelline Lip Definer to really define my lips and make them pop. Definitely give these a swatch when you're at a Barry M stand..

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Review: GlamGlow Masks

When GlamGlow first launched in my local Boots I wasn't that interested due to the amount of hype they were recieving. But then my best friend Jasmin brought me this amazing set for my birthday and as soon as I used them I kicked myself for avoiding them for so long.

If you've never heard of GlamGlow it's a face mask brand that has a range of masks, each designed to tackle a specific skincare issue. There are masks for brightening, hydrating, blemish clearing and anti-ageing. These masks aren't designed for everyone due to the strength of the ingredients in them but when you find the one that works for you, you'll be blown away by the results. There are currently six masks in the range and currently I own four.

There is the Supermud Clearing Treatment. This is designed to clear away any blemishes or any blemish creating bacteria that can linger deep down in pores. It contains This is not one for people with sensitive skin as it does tingle when applied. After every use of this skin look poreless and purified without being dried out or clogged up. I personally love using this as a spot treatement rather than an all over face mask as it really helps bring any under the skin blemishes to the surface and any noticeable blemishes are cleansed and on their way to clearing up.

Then there is the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Mask. This one is definitely not one for people with sensitive skin. When applied it tingles on the skin as it works to loosen and exfoliate away any dead skin, revealing softer, smoother feeling skin after every use. This is a perfect once a week or before a big event mask. I wouldn't advise using this too often as it could be quite drying on the skin, but that's where the next mask could come in handy.

And that mask is the Thirstymud Hydrating Mask. This is the only leave on mask in the range and works wonders on the skin. It's divine smelling formula gently sinks into skin to leave it feeling calmed, soothed, hydrated and brightened. And the longer you leave it on the better the results on the skin. It's perfect to wear overnight, especially before a big day or event that you have coming up. It's thick so a thin layer is all you need to really quench your skin.

And finally there is the Gravitymud Firming Mask. This is one of the harder to purchase masks from them but it's results are brilliant. A bright silver white mask a thin layer of this dries down to a peel off formula. And unlike a lot of other peel off masks this can actually come off in one go. And you can see the results as soon as you peel this off. Skin looks toned, firm and plump to the touch. If you have more mature skin this will be brilliant to give skin back the plump feeling it can sometimes lose. And if you go a little mad on Snapchat whilst wearing this mask and bombard friends with endless selfies of you in it then I won't be judging you as I do exactly the same.

Overall out of the four I own my favourite has to be the Thirstymud Hydrating Mask. The clearing masks are nice but sometimes they're a bit too much for my skin and I have other charcoal based masks that I prefer. And I try not to use the Gravitymud Firming Mask as it's so hard to get a hold of. GlamGlow is an expensive brand so it's picking the right mask for you is important. And when you pick the right mask the results will make the price irrelvant and you'll find yourself frantically repurchasing it when you come to the end of one pot.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Spring Lip Edit

Spring is finally here! It's time to say goodbye to those dark winter shades and embrace lighter, warmer shades to match the slightly warmer weather we're getting. Normally I struggle with this edit as I've never really had a lot of spring shades but this year I was overwhelmed and struggled to confine it to just five select lipsticks.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in Brown Sugar
I never thought I could get away with wearing a brown lipstick but when Maybelline release their shade Brown Sugar that all changed. It's just a straight up brown shade that doesn't have any undertones running through it but looks stunning on a variety of skintones. This creamy matte formula means that it just glides onto the lips and whilst it doesn't completely dry down it doesn't transfer or dry lips out. I'd advise using a lip liner with this because it's creamy formula means it can feather and smudge if touched.

Rosie For Autograph Lipstick in Silk Cami 
The Rosie For Autograph range has such a stunning collection of lipsticks and I could easily fill all five places on this edit with them but I've been restrained and got it down to two, this first of which is the shade Silk Cami. It's not a brown nude but it's not a peach shade either. It's a hybrid of the two but can look either way depending on how the rest of your make up look. I love pairing this with the Rosie For Autograph Lip Definer in Silk to give it more a brown look. These have a satin finish to them that don't budge or become uncomfortable to wear throughout the day and reapplication is easy and fault free as well.

Rosie For Autograph Lipstick in Rosie Lips
A lipstick I didn't think would suit me but has become one of my favourite Spring Lips is the new Rosie For Autograph shade Rosie Lips. It's a deep pink that doesn't look like it will suit paler skintones but in fact does and looks stunning with flawless skin and big fluttery lashes. These lipsticks are a sheen finish but once they're on the lips they don't budge, bleed or slide everywhere. I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this during the Spring and Summer Months.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina
A liquid lipstick I find myself reaching for a lot now the warmer weather has decided to grace us with it's presence comes from Stila. It's their bestselling shade Patina, a muted mauve pink shade. Because it is a liquid lipstick it can be drying on the lips but with a bit of lip balm underneath it can feel more comfortable on the lips. The doe foot applicator makes application easy and one thin coat leaves lips with a highly pigmented, opaque finish. I always use a lip liner with this just to make everything look a bit more precise.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar 
When I was choosing lipsticks for this edit I very nearly went with the Rosie For Autograph Lady Rose but then discovered this hidden in my collection. This is the NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar, it's a brilliant dupe for Lady Rose and a fraction of the cost. If you haven't seen Lady Rose, it's a dusky pink shade with hints of mauve running through it. And Whipped Caviar is the exact same shade. It's a comfortable long wearing matte lipstick that doesn't transfer, ball up or bleed along the lip line. And if this shade isn't for you then there are another 40 shades in the range which you'll surely find one that you like.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Review: Garnier Moisture Bomb Water Cream

When Garnier first released their Moisture Bomb range I tried their night cream and it didn't work for my skin. So I dismissed the range and moved onto different products. Until I received a sachet of their Moisture Bomb Day Cream. I soon fell in love with the day products in the range including their Tissue Mask. And recently they've released a new day cream which I thought wouldn't agree with my skin but in fact has become a part of my skincare routine I can't go without.

The Garnier Moisture Bomb Glow Enhancer Water Cream is a gel based cream that claims to moisturise and nourish skin whilst simultaneously enhancing skin's natural glow. It's lightweight in texture and sinks into skin almost immediately, leaving skin feeling hydrated, nourished, soft and plump to the touch. It can be worn on it's own, under make up or even mixed in with your base of choice to add some extra glow to it. And because it's lightweight in texture it's not going to make foundation break up or ball up over the top of it like some other hydrating creams can do.

If you have combination/oily skin then this gel cream is definitely not for you. Whilst oily skin does need moisturising, this holds moisture and hydrates skin more than oily skin can handle. Normal/dry and even sensitive skin can definitely use this and enjoy it's results. If you're worried that this is going to make your face look sweaty instead of glowy then don't, this will not make you look anything like that. It'll just take any natural glow your skin already has from other products and enhance it to make skin look healthier and radiant looking.

I've always thought Garnier was one of the best affordable skincare brands around and this latest release just cements it in place for me. Affordable, readily available and with visible results this cream is perfect for anyone who's looking for something to give their skin that glow without clogging pores or weighing it down. I for one am especially going to enjoy this in the summer when I want that healthy glow to my skin without having to use more make up than necessary to achieve it.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Review: NYX Matte Lipsticks

Last year my local Boots finally got a NYX stand. And on that stand they had tons and tons of lip products. The first to grab my attention of course was the Soft Matte Lip Creams which you can find a review of  here.And from there I moved onto their Matte Lipsticks which after the Soft Matte Lip Creams are some of NYX's best lip products.

There are 45 shades in the range in total and so far I've picked up three of them, starting with Whipped Caviar. It's a beautiful dusky mauve shade which is a perfect dupe for the Rosie For Autograph lipstick in Lady Rose.

Then there is Alabama a gorgeous red shade that has a hint of brown running through it.

And finally there is Perfect Red which is pretty much the perfect red shade. It's got that classic blue tone running through it which makes perfect for every skintone.

These lipsticks are creamy and just glide onto the lips. They're opaque in one swipe and there's no need to build them as they're that highly pigmented. It's not an uncomfortable matte finish and they don't drag when you apply them like some drier matte finish lipsticks do. Once you've applied these you can press your lips together and they won't transfer or peel away like some matte lip products do. And once they're in place they do not budge. Like seriously don't budge. I ate a greasy burger wearing one and it didn't transfer or even look like I'd eaten anything at all.

I'd advise wearing a lip liner with these not because they feather or bleed but because they're so strongly pigmented they need to be really defined to stand out the way you want. And even with a lip liner these don't become dry or flaky looking like others have a tendency to do. These are the same price as lipsticks from Rimmel and Loreal but I'd have to say their a lot higher quality for their price tag than some others. I may only have three shades right now but you can guarantee I will be adding even more to my collection when I'm next at a NYX stand. If you're looking for a matte lipstick that is comfortable and long wearing then give these a swatch when you visit NYX next, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Top 5 Products From Maybelline

Back in October I started a series where I took you through my five favourite products from some of my favourite brands. The end of the year and the beginning of this year has been busy with new releases and creating new content so it's only now I'm getting round to adding the second post to this series. Today I'm sharing my five favourites from one of my favourite make up brands, Maybelline.

The Eraser Eye Concealer 
Let's start with my ultimate holy grail item from Maybelline. This concealer is one that never leaves my daily make up bag because it never fails to amaze me. It's sponge tip deposits the right amount of product and is a lot gentler on the under eye area than some doe foot applicators. It may only come in two shades but they suit a whole spectrum of skintones and undertones. This one tube can last a good three months as you only need a small amount of this to cover the under eye area. I've gone through countless tubes of this already and know I'll be going through even more in the future.

The Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black Mascara 
Maybelline have a fantastic range of mascaras. Their Lash Sensational, Push Up Angel, Push Up Drama and Falsies Ranges are brilliant but there is only one mascara from Maybelline that I've repurchased more than once. And that is the Go Colossal Leather Black Mascara. It's tapered end, barrel shaped bristle brush gives lashes such length and volume with such little product. It's drier formula means you can layer this without clumps and without removing any exsisting product. One layer gives a stunning natural day look but a second layer gives lashes a bigger boost and even rivals the look of false lashes. I'm always recommending this mascara to friends and customers alike because it's just one of the best out there. And once it's opened and begins the drying out process it only gets better.

SuperStay Make Up Locking Setting Spray 
Maybelline do really well throughout their entire brand. Their mascaras are good as are their base products and this setting spray is testiment to that. A part of their SuperStay Range this fine mist setting spray locks make up in place for up to 24 Hours whilst allowing skin to breathe and keeping oil and cakey-ness at bay. Everytime a high street brand brings out a setting spray I'm quick to try it but I always find myself coming back to this one. There's something about it's lightweight fine mist that just really holds make up in place but doesn't feel like it's clogging pores or weighing down skin. A little goes a long way but saying that I've gone through about three nearly four bottles already and am in serious need of a new bottle.

SuperStay Make Up Extending Primer
Whilst we're talking about their SuperStay Range let's move onto their latest release into the range. Their SuperStay Primer had to be one of the best primer releases in a while. This primer is ridiculoulsy lightweight in formula and texture. It's thin consistency hydrates the skin as well as prepping it for any base products you lay over top. It's skin coloured liquid blurs and perfects skin meaning you could get away with wearing this on a good skin day. It doesn't dry down but does leave skin feeling tacky which means it really grabs and holds onto foundation, concealer, etc. This was only released back in January but I'm already halfway through my second bottle it's that good.

Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks
And this last one I'm kind of cheating with. I couldn't chose just one shade of the Creamy Matte Lipsticks so I decided to do them as a whole. These lipsticks are some of the best on the high street. Opaque in one swipe, long lasting and ultra comfortable to wear these lipsticks give any look that bold punch it can sometime be needing. Whilst these have a matte finish they're not drying or uncomfortable and if you need to reapply then you can without worrying about having to redo your whole lip look. I can't pick an all time favourite but I have worn Brown Sugar, Burgundy Blush and Rich Ruby more than a lot of the other lipsticks in my collection. Definitely give them a swatch when your at a Maybelline stand next.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Review: Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lipstick

Recently high street beauty brands have been releasing their own versions of liquid lipsticks and Barry M is the latest to release their own version. The Matte Me Up Liquid Lipstick is taking the place of their Matte Me Up Chubby Sticks and whilst I enjoyed the chubby sticks I really love the liquid lipsticks.

There are five shades in the range; two nudes and three bolder shades, but so far I've only picked up the shade Paparazzi. It's a bright red that has a blue tone running through it so it really stands out on the lips and makes teeth look even whiter. As it does dry down on the lips it intially looks brighter on the lips before it dries and afterwards because of it's matte finish it will look darker. I was unsure on some of the shades but when I swatched them on the back of my hand I was happily suprised to see that they dried darker than they looked in the tube.

A lot of high street liquid lipstick releases are very chunky and thick feeling on the lips. And because of this they have a tendency to dry unevenly or not at all on the lips. These Matte Me Up Liquid Lipsticks are ridiculously thin in consistency and just glide onto the lips. One swipe of these leaves behind a thin layer of highly pigmented, opaque colour that dries down to a comfortable long wearing matte finish. Sure if your lips aren't in great condition this isn't going to sit well but if you pop a little bit of lip balm underneath then it will wear better than over bare lips.

Wear wise these can be worn for long periods of the time but depending on the condition of your lips depends on how it ends up looking. If your lips are dry then this could crack or flake but if you've looked after your lips beforehand then this will sit comfortably on the lips. There isn't much need for reapplication as these don't transfer when you eat or drink. And even if you do have to reapply, these are that thin that another layer isn't going to weigh down lips or make them feel heavy or gross with product.

If like me you love a good matte lip but find the high street lacking in liquid lipsticks or matte lip options then definitely give these a look and swatch when you're next at a Barry M stand. And the best bit about these liquid lipsticks is that they're under a fiver. So if you've had your eye on a higher end version then I'd suggest going and checking these out before you buy it, you may be very surprised with what you find.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Review: Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser

If you've been reading this blog for a while then you'll know I love a good cleanser and I also love the brand Pixi. And luckily for Christmas just gone my friend ever so kindly brought me the Pixi Travel set which included the Glow Mud Cleanser. And boy did I enjoy this cleanser.

This deep cleansing cleasner has 5% Glycolic Acid as well as Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil to nourish the skin whilst leaving it feeling purified and smooth to the touch. And because it's a mud cleanser it will dig deep into the pores and remove all signs of make up and daily dirt and grime. Because of it's mixture of AHA's and moisturising ingredients this can be used by every skin type including sensitive skin.

I thorougly enjoyed this cleanser. The combination of the mud and the AHA'S made my skin feel like it had really had a deep clean and felt soft and smooth to the touch. This is brilliant at removing all signs of make up but also works brilliantly on bare skin. On bare skin you can really feel it cleansing deep in your pores to clear out any dirt or grime that would otherwise stay in your skin and create blemishes later on. A little bit of this goes a long way so a full sized tube of this would last a good few months. If you're already a fan of Pixi's Glow Tonic then definitely give this a go, you won't regret and the combination of the two is heavenly for your skin. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Top Ten Under £10: Make Up

When it comes to make up I do love a luxury purchase every now and again but at heart I'm a budget drugstore make up girl. And whilst some of you may think the high street is full of duds, there are a few gems on the market which wow even the hardest to please beauty lover. So today I'm sharing with you my Top Ten Under £10.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
If there is one concealer on the high street that everyone has tried and loved at some point it's the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This full coverage concealer covers even the reddest of blemishes without being cakey or fake looking. It also gives great coverage under the eye and can be used as a highlighting concealer in certain areas of the face. It's only £4.19 a tube and works better than other higher end concealers. I've lost count of the amount of these I've gone through and know I will go through countless more in the future.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Polishes 
Normally I'd choose a shade or two to show you but with these polishes I just can't choose. There are so many beautiful shades in this range and each one gives a stunning result. These polishes are thicker than your standard polish to give the look and effect of a gel nail without having to go to the salon. Their flat square ended brush makes application a dream and even though they're a thicker formula, they dry almost as quickly as the Speedy Quick Dry Range. Some of my favourite shades include Elderberry, Almond, Guava and Cocoa.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms
Lip products on the high street can be very hit or miss, especially when a brand tries their hand at matte products. One brand that succeded is Revlon and their Colorburst Matte Balm range. There are tons of shades in this range and deciding which one to buy is difficult. This chubby stick-esque lipsticks range from light pinks to deep browns. Application is easy as their pointed tip makes it easy to create a defined look without an additional lip liner. And unlike other matte lip products, these are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and you can reapply over the top of exsisting product without a problem. Plus they smell of mint which is one of the nicer lip product smells out there.

PS Love Lip Liners
A lot of the time when I think of budget beauty I always think of things you can find in Boots or Superdrug and because of that I very nearly overlooked my favourite lip liners. Primark's PS Love Lip Liners are some of the best I've ever tried and they only cost a £1. They're more of a crayon than a pencil liner and glide smoothly along the lips better than most pencil liners. There is a whole range of shades from bright pinks to neutral browns and dark purples. The shade range is always being added to and their low cost means adding to your collection won't break the bank. These sharpen with a normal pencil sharpener and don't drag or scratch along the lips.

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer 
Another concealer that I've brought countless times and definitely deserves a place on this list comes from Maybelline. The Eraser Eye Concealer is a sponge topped concealer that deposits the perfect amount of product under the eye and blends out to reveal a brightened more awake looking under eye area. It only comes in two shades but the two shades cover a wide spectrum of skintones so nobody misses out. Even if you have the darkest of dark under eye circles/bags this will help to cover and conceal them. A damp beauty blender is the perfect tool for blending this out as it gives it a seamless flawless looking finish.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks
Matte lipsticks is something that is only becoming a larger trend in drugstores now. Revlon kicked it off with their Colorburst Balms and the next brand to step up and do it well was Maybelline. Their Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks are not only stunning shade wise but brilliant value for money and the quality rivals that of other higher end brands. Non drying, long wearing and highly pigmented these lipsticks are ones I find myself reaching for constantly. The shade range is ever expanding and now they have a beautiful range of nudes as well as bright shades and dark winter plums. They glide effortlessly onto the lips and don't transfer without drying the lips out or looking gross on the lips. Definitely ones to check out when you're at a Maybelline stand next.

Gosh Matte Lipsticks 
Another lesser known brand that do fantastic matte lipsticks is Gosh. Released two years ago they bowled me over with their highly pigmented, long lasting, comfortable formula. Like the Maybelline their shade range grows with each season and they never fail to disappoint. Neutral shades, bright shades, dark shades and out there shades, this range has something for everyone. They're very creamy to apply to the lips and once they're on, they don't go anywhere. The creamy formula means you don't have to worry about drying your lips out and reapplication is easy as well. My favourite shades are Rose, Cherry, Grape and Cranberry. Definitely keep your eye out for these, they're definitely worth a go.

Maybelline SuperStay Setting Spray
Setting sprays are something that are becoming a trend on the high street and every brand is bringing their own version out. And Maybelline's is one of the best out there. Their SuperStay Setting Spray is very lightweight, non pore clogging and oil free. It is suitable for every skin type and is lightweight enough that it won't cause any problems with even the most sensitive of skins. It's very fine mist doesn't drench the skin and disrupt make up when you spritz it. And it really does lock make up into place all day long. It also helps create a more natural look to foundations and powders that have a tendency to look cakey after a while. Perfect for the warmer months ahead of us.

Maybelline SuperStay Primer 
A newer release that definitely earned it's place on this list is another Maybelline SuperStay product. Their new primer is a lightweight, oil free, pore smoothing beaut that grabs and holds onto make up all day long but is also perfect for evening skintone out on non make up days. It's thin liquidy consistency makes it feel more hyrdating on the skin than other primers and it's velvet finish has a nice tackiness to it that really grabs and holds onto any base product you apply over top. Two pumps is significant enough to prime the skin perfectly and once it's got a hold of your base product it's not going anywhere. I predict that this could be one of Maybelline's best selling products.

Loreal Total Cover Foundation
Another new release that earned it's place on this list with it's first use is the new Loreal Total Cover Foundation. This lightweight gel feeling foundation gives the highest coverage available on the high street, it even covers tattoos. It's matte finish, oil fighting formula means that you can look flawless but not overdone all day long and not worry about touching up at all. A little goes a long way with this foundation and it blends out like a dream, leaving a flawless finish that still looks skinlike and natural. If you're still unsure then I'll tell you now that this managed to make me part ways with my favourite Dior Foundation and even converted my friend from Bobbi Brown to Loreal. I can not recommend this foundation enough. If you have oily skin this will work like a dream for you.