Sunday, 30 April 2017

Review: Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz

For the last year or so I've been really enjoying using facial spritzes/mists. And whilst I have two that I consider holy grail products I'm always on the look out for more to try. So when recently I started reading more skincare blogs and about the properties of rosewater/rose in skincare I started my search for a rosewater spritz that not only wouldn't break the bank as a starter product but also worked effectively. And that's when I discovered the Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz.

Botanics is a brand I hadn't tried a lot from previously but has really good, effective products This rosewater toning spritz cost less than a fiver and contains the same amount if not more product than some of the higher end spritzes. Plus it claims to be a hundred percent organic and eco friendly.

When it comes to the product itself, it's very simplistic. Containing only five ingredients which sadly includes alcohol denat this spritz is surprisingly gentle on the skin, working to soothe skin after cleansing and prep for any serum or moisturiser you apply afterwards. It helps alleviate that tight feeling that sometimes occurs after cleansing whilst simultaneously tightening pores and revitalising skin.

This product has been a skin saviour for me, especially in the evenings once I've removed my make up. Sometimes if my skin is having a rough time, double cleansing no matter what products I use leaves it feeling slightly tight and dry to touch. A few generous spritzes of this however help alleviate that horrid feeling straight away. It also seems to help any serum or moisturiser I apply over top sink in better and leave my skin feeling revitalised, moisturised and softer to the touch.

If you're looking for a budget friendly skin spritz that won't aggravate sensitive skin but will work effectively to meet your skin's needs then this is definitely the one for you. A brilliant budget dupe for the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer, the Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz is one I'd definitely check out when you're next in the skincare aisles of your local Boots.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Review: Naturally Radiant Glycolic Pads

Nip and Fab have always been my go to for their pre soaked glycolic pads. And whilst I believe that they're brilliant value for money some people just don't have the budget for them. So luckily for them, Superdrug has recently released their own pre soaked glycolic based pad that is just as good as the Nip and Fab pads but only a fraction of the price.

There are 60 pads per pot and each is soaked in a glycolic acid, witch hazel and aloe solution. The glycolic acid isn't a ridiculously high percentage; probably somewhere along 2%, so these are perfect for people with sensitive or reactive skin. And because the solution is so gentle yet so effective it makes these pads perfect for daily use. One pad a day, swept across the skin in circular motions is enough to loosen and remove any dead skin cells whilst brighten and revitalising skin.

I really love these pads for after I've taken my make up. They really leave my skin feeling revitalised and refreshed without feeling dry or tight. They can easily play the same role as a toner and serum/moisturiser can be applied over the top and still be as effective as if placed over the top of a toner.

Overall I love these pads, they're just as effective as the Nip N Fab pads but only cost a fraction of the price. They exfoliate, revitalise and brighten skin with every use but don't leave them feeling parched or tight and they don't contain a whole host of nasty chemicals. You get the same amount as you would with them and these can last you either two months with daily use or longer if you don't use them every day. If you're a fan of budget beauty then I'd definitely check them out, they're always on some sort of offer in Superdrug which makes them even more of a bargain. 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Review: B Stubborn Make Up Remover

Whilst cleansing and double cleansing over a sink is considered better for your skin it's not always ideal for those short on time. And brands are catching onto that and are releasing facial cleansers that don't require water to work. And one of the better ones on the market is the B Stubborn Make Up Remover.

This is a bio phase make up remover that claims to remove stubborn make up, including waterproof mascara. Containing Vitamin B5 and Cucumber Juice this soothes and calms whilst simultaneously cleansing skin. There's no need to add water to this, just combine the bio-phase formula together and pour onto a cotton pad. This is suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin and people who wear contact lenses.

Now this isn't as fuss free as a face wipe but it is a lot better for your skin. This contains no alcohol so won't cause any tightness or irritation when you use this. And even though it contains an oil it doesn't leave skin feeling greasy or oily looking which makes it fine for people with combination/oily skin to use.

I don't use this all the time, much preferring to cleanse over a sink with my favourite Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. However if I'm having an extremely late night and don't fancy waking everyone in my house up with our somewhat noisy pipes, this is perfect. It removes all traces of my make up including mascara and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or irritated. However it doesn't leave my skin feeling completely clean and means that I take extra care with my skincare the morning after to try and counteract any skin mishaps that could occur from using this to remove my make up. Overall though I think this is a good product, perfect for somone without a lot of time and who doesn't like the idea of using face wipes to remove their make up. Definitely a product to check out when you're next at a B Skincare stand.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Monthly Favourites: April

I know I say this nearly every month but where has time gone. April seems to have flown by. Though it may have something to do with the week and a half I spent fighting the worst viral infection possible that I've lost some time this month. However that hasn't stopped me from finding a few favourites this month, including a couple of non beauty favourites.

Rosie For Autograph Sheer Finish Complexion Enhancer
One of my most used products this month has to be the Rosie For Autograph Sheer Finish Complexion Enhancer. It's BB Cream/Moisturiser hybrid formula is breathable but covering and adds a healthy glow to the skin whilst letting look and feel like skin. Applied with fingertips, this has been my go to base for the month and came in handy a lot when I was ill.

Loreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick in Brick Vintage
Most of this month I've been wearing my Rosie For Autograph Lipsticks but when I haven't been wearing them I've only been wearing one other lipstick. And that lipstick comes from Loreal. It's one of their Color Riche Matte Lipsticks that were rereleased earlier this year. Not only have they reformulated these lipsticks but have also added more shades all of which are stunning. I have the shade Brick Vintage which is a stunning orange red shade that can be worn no matter the season and look gorgeous. Their velvet matte finish is beyond comfortable and they're non transferable coverage means I haven't had to worry about unnecessary touch ups.

Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz
April has been a good month for skincare. I've found so many amazing new skincare products and haven't been able to stop using them. The first is this Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz, a fine spray mist that soothes and revitalises skin. It's very comparable to the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer but doesn't ease or sooth redness as much as the Liz Earle. I've enjoyed using this in the evenings after I've taken my make up off to rid my skin of the tightness or dryness that cleansing sometimes leaves behind.

Loreal Hydra Genius Liquid Care Aloe Water
The second is the latest skincare release from Loreal. A part of their well reviewed Hydra Genius range, this water based serum has blown every other serum I own out of the water. Containing nothing more than Aloe Water and Hyaluronic Acid this gives skin an instantaneous moisture boost whilst helping skin retain moisture to slowly release later when skin needs it the most. It's very lightweight and watery in texture but sinks beautifully into skin and leaves skin feeling hydrated, soothed and soft to the touch. A full review of this will be coming soon.

Garnier SkinActive Rose Water Toner 
Garnier have recently revamped their SkinActive skincare range and released a whole host of products. I have most of these new releases as they really caught my eye but by far my favourite has been their Rose Water Toner. Perfect for when my skin is feeling more sensitive than normal this really leaves my skin feeling soothed and refreshed. Perfect for after clay based masks or make up removal this has been loving my skin as much as my skin's been loving it.

Fast and Furious 8
A non beauty favourite I've loved this month is Fast and Furious 8. I've been a fan of the series since I was thirteen and have made it my job to go and see every new film when it's released. And this past weekend I went to see Fast 8 with my best friend Jasmin. And we thoroughly enjoyed it, there were plenty of laughs, brilliantly choreagraphed car scenes as well as fight scenes. Plus you had the added bonus of new cast members Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren and Scott Eastwood that brought their own little something to the film. Also saw the return of Luke Evans in this film which promptly caused me and Jasmin to lose our shit as we weren't expecting that.

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey/Desolation of Smaug
Another movie series I've been enjoying this month is The Hobbit. I'm a fan of the Lord of The Rings films but never got round to watching The Hobbit films. That was until Easter Weekend when there was nothing good on the telly. And I'm so glad I dug the DVD's out. Now I know that they're not to everyone's taste but if you like more sci-fi/fantasy based films then I'd highly recommend giving them a watch.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Review: Soap And Glory Scrub Your Nose In It AHA Facial Scrub

A good facial scrub is so hard to find, something I've found even harder since they've changed the law on scrub formulas. I've tried a few that were okay and plenty that were lackluster but then I tried the Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It AHA Facial Scrub. 

This is a very fine scrub that you leave on skin for 2-3 minutes to get the full effect of. It may look and smell like toothpaste but is in fact packed with fast acting skin loving ingredients including a whole range of Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids. These AHA's are the main appeal to me as they're the ingredient that loosen and help exfoliate away any dead skin cells that can reduce skin's radiance.

Designed for those with more oily/combination skin this is a very astringent scrub that helps refine large or open looking pores as well as controlling the creation of excess sebum. For those with more sensitive/reactive skin I'd steer well clear of this. Because of the strength of it's ingredients it can cause irritation, blemishes and other skin irritating issues. However if your skin reacts well to acid based face masks or skin treatments you could probably get away with this as a once a week scrub but no more than that.

You only need a little bit of this as it does go a long way. Plus it's strength means it works effectively from a tiny amount. It's best applied to damp skin so it's not as harsh on skin and after rubbing it into the skin for a few seconds you let it sit on the skin for 2 minutes before rinsing it off with a wet flannel. I'd highly advise doing this as a last step in your skincare routine as it's very strong and putting something equally as strong over the top will cause your skin to sting and could cause irritation.

Overall this is a good facial scrub, it really leaves skin feeling soft and truly exfoliated unlike some other facial scrubs on the market. People with sensitive skin I'd advise staying away from this and trying something more along the lines of the Loreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub. It gives brilliant results but isn't as abrasive as this one and isn't likely to cause any kind of irritation. However if you're skin handles acid based products well I'd highly recommend giving this product a go. 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

GRWM: Full Face Using Rosie For Autograph Products

Ever since it was released last year I've been slowly building my collection of Rosie For Autograph Make Up. And now I have a significant amount of her products I thought I'd use them all together to show you one of many looks you can create with products from her range. And as I was getting ready for the day I thought it would be the perfect time to try them all together.

There are a few products that you can get as a part of her range but I don't have them so am replacing them with my everyday products.
These include the:
- Barry M Hydro Fix Primer Water   - Maybelline SuperStay Primer
- Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair - Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory
- Maybelline SuperStay Setting Spray

Once I've primed my skin I go in with the Sheer Finish Complexion Enhancer. This has very light coverage and adds a healthy glow to the skin making it perfect for good skin days. I tried applying this with a brush as well as a sponge but they seem to take away more product than they apply so I use my fingers to apply and blend this in. I really like the healthy looking finish it leaves my skin with and allows my skin to breathe as well.

 Once I'm happy with my base I go in with the Miracle Concealer in the shade 01. This is a bit of a heavier concealer than I'm used to using but today's one of those days when I need something a little more heavy duty, especially under the eyes. Depending on what base I pair this on it can be very visible on the skin or undetectable. Because my base is quite sheer in finish I took my damp beauty blender and really blended this in so that it didn't look like I had tons of concealer under my eyes but still covered my dark circles. I also have a few blemishes that I need to cover but much prefer my Collection Concealer for blemish concealing. Once that's all blended in I take my Collection Pressed Powder and set under my eyes before sweeping some down my T-Zone and around the edge of my face, leaving my cheeks untouched so that the glow from the Complexion Enhancer is visible.

Time for brows. I usually don't do a lot to my brows as I have them tinted when I get them waxed and the tint is enough to let me get away with not filling them in. However today I'm feeling a bit of a bolder brow so took the Eye Brow Pencil in Natural Brow 1. This is one of my favourite brow products for when I fill my brows in as it's soft but not too soft and can easily be worked up to a bold brow or left looking more natural. Once I've created the shape I wanted I used the spoolie at the other end to brush through it, removing any excess product and brushing everything into place.

Mascara time and I'm going in with the Insta Lash Mascara. This is a very wet formula but isn't the kind that smudges as you apply it. I love that it has a bristle brush with a tapered finish to it. There's something about these brushes that really work well with my lashes. After I've curled my lashes I go in with one coat of this, really working the brush from the root of lashes upwards. I also give it a little wiggle as I'm applying it to really give my lashes some volume.

And the final step is lips. Once I've wiped away any excess lip balm I go in with the newly released Lip Definer in the shade Silk. It's ridiculously creamy and pigmented. One swipe leaves a behind an opaque, precise line that makes lining lips a dream. This particular shade can go with a number of the lipsticks in the range. But today I'm pairing it with the lipstick in the shade Silk Rose. Both are a beautiful brown shade with rosy undertones running through it. These lipsticks are some of my all time favourites and day to day go to's. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time, opaque in one swipe and a semi matte/satin finish these lipstick really add something to a look even though a lot of them are natural. I find applying these easier than any other lipsticks and tend to grab one on a daily basis.

Once everything is done I set it into place with my Maybelline SuperStay Setting Spray to make sure it lasts all day and I'm done. And this is what the looks likes once it's complete. I don't have an outfit to show you as it's just my work uniform and is pretty boring. And just before I shot out the door I spritzed myself with the Rosie For Autograph Nuit EDP to make sure I smelt great all day long.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Review: Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream

For the longest time I thought that getting my hands on one of the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creams was impossible. Sure they were available on Amazon but I've always been a bit dubious about their origins. So I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't meant to be until I went to London for the day in February. And that's where me and friend discovered a discount outlet beauty store that not only stocked Milani but also LA Girl and other hard to find beauty brands at brilliant prices.

There were so many different shades to choose from and whilst I was automatically drawn to the darker red shades I forced myself to choose a lighter more spring like shade that could bring me out of my comfort zone some more. In the end I chose the shade Precious which is a stunning pink shade with peach undertones throughout it. It's not the usual colour I would go for but due to a surprising love of nude lips this year I decided to purchase it to add it to my ever growing collection of nude lip products.

This isn't one of those liquid lip products that has outrageous claims such as lasting 24 hours or having the most moisturising formula a liquid lip has ever had. This doesn't even call itself a liquid lipstick, it calls itself a cream which instantly changed my expectations when I first wore it. I expected it to be very much like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams both in texture and wear on the lips. Initially upon application it didn't seem to have a similar formula of the SMLC but when you compare the two side by side they are very similar.

It glided beautifully onto the lips, it's standard doe foot applicator leaving behind a highly pigmented, opaque finish. Initially it felt sticky on the lips as do many liquid lip products but after a few seconds it dried down to a satin feeling finish that felt comfortable on the lips. It never felt completely dry on the lips and you could feel it when pressing your lips together but it didn't budge or smudge in the slightest. Wear wise this wore well, it didn't crumble, flake or fade even after eating and drinking. However it didn't feel as comfortable after a few hours as it did when first applied and it did show visible signs of drying lips out. Reapplication wasn't as easy as with other products and made the dry patches even more noticeable. I don't normally count down the hours until I can take a lip product off but after a few hours of wearing this I was grateful when I could take it off.

Overall this a nice lip product. It didn't blow my socks off or wow me like other lip products have done in the past but this is a nice product. It applied evenly, easily and wasn't streaky or too thick in formula. To begin with it sat comfortable on the lips but then deteriorated as hours passed and left lips dry and in dire need of lip balm. Sure a bit of lip balm underneath would probably help with that but often liquid lipsticks don't apply as well over top of lip balm and it's just more faff than it should be. If you don't mind putting a bit more effort in then these are definitely up your street. However if you're more of a one and done kind lip product lover these might not work for you. If you ever see them in a shop though definitely give them a swatch, the shade selection is stunning.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Review: Rosie For Autograph Sheer Finish Complexion Enhancer

When Rosie Huntington-Whiteley announced that she would be adding a BB Cream/Tinted Moisturiser Hybrid into her make up range I knew I just had to buy it. Her skin always looks amazing and if there was a product out there that could make my skin look even half as good as her's then it had to take a place in my collection.

The Rosie For Autograph Sheer Finish Complexion Enhancer is a lightweight, sheer finish tinted moisturiser to brighten the skin and give it a lit from within look. It perfects the look of skin and evens out skintone but still allows you to see your skin underneath as well as letting it breath. Skin is left looking glowy but not greasy and unlike other foundation/bb cream formulas this leaves skin feeling moisturised and soft to the touch.

It comes in a squeezy tube with a pump with makes application easy, hygenic and saves more product than other tube products. The packaging isn't entirely rose gold like the rest of her products but it still has elements of rose gold running through it. The rest of the packaging however is understated, classic and elegant much like Rosie herself.

I have the shade Nude which is the lightest shade in the range. The shade range is the only thing that let's this down. There are only six shades in the range but because they are so sheer you can get away with having a shade that doesn't exactly match your skintone.

It's suggested you apply this with your fingertips something I'm not that a big a fan off. However I find you get the best pay off with this when you use your fingers. I tried it initally with my a damp beauty blender and found my sponge soaked up most of the product. Whereas when I used my fingers I found it blended out smoothly, gave me a light coverage but still allowed my skin to show through and breathe. It made my skin look healthy, radiant and subtle unlike other base products I've tried.

I really like this product. It's lightweight yet gives coverage and allows skin to look and feel like skin, something that my skin will be grateful for when the warmer months roll round. It's quite understated as a product but still carries that elegant, classic look and feel that all Rosie For Autograph products have. It's already become my go to base product but I have a feeling that I'm going to finish this tube and possibly another tube throughout the Summer months. Slightly pricier for a base product but the results it gives make it well worth. I'd definitely recommend swatching it when your in your local Marks and Spencers next.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Product Empties: April

Back in January I posted my first empties of the year and decided from then on I'd post every sort of three months. So today I am back with another empties, I warn you now this is a long one so I'd get a cuppa and a biscuit to get you through it. Whilst photographing this all I was surprised by how much I managed to get through since my last empties.

Let's kick everything off with a couple of body scrubs. The first is the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub. With a thick jelly like formula this scrub really works on skin and leaves it feeling soft after every use. Plus it smells divine and fills the bathroom with it's scent. I've lost count of how many of these I've gone through but I'm sure it'll feature again at some point.

The other scrub I finished comes from Palmers'. Their Cocoa Body Scrub is a little more gentle than the Soap and Glory Scrub and is more creamy in formula. It's smells heavenly as well and I love mixing the two together to give my skin a really good exfoliate.

This next item you're probably not surprised to see in an empties. I've lost count of the amount of bottles of this I've gone through. The Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion is my Holy Grail morning cleanser. Deep cleansing like it's name suggests and brilliant at waking skin up, I'm sure you'll be seeing more of these in future empties.

A facial spritz I finished comes from Liz Earle. Their Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer is the perfect toning mist for anyone with sensitive/reactive skin. Containing a whole host of natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Calendula and Vitamin E, this spritz not only soothes but moisturises and preps skin for the rest of your skincare routine. Even if I find a budget option of this I will always have a bottle of this my collection it's that good.

Another facial spritz I finished is this one from B. It's their Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz and makes the perfect evening toning mist. It's concentrated Hyaluronic Acid formula not only adds and retains moisture but helps alleviate any feeling of tightness or dryness that cleansing may have caused. I've gone through countless bottles of this and will definitely be going through even more when the warmer weather makes its appearence.

A serum I finished not one but two bottles of is this Olay Instant Hydration Serum. It's silicone feeling formula creates a stunning base for make up whilst simultaneously hydrating skin and minimising signs of ageing. I've tried a few daytime serums but always come back to this as nothing else leaves my skin feeling as good as this does.

An evening serum I finished is this Clearly Youthful Hydrating Booster Serum. Containing Hyaluronic and Lactic Acid, this works to boost skins hydration instantaneously as well as retaining any further skincare products you apply over top. It's smell is something you have to overlook but I've been using this long enough it doesn't even bother me any more. Lost count of how many of these I've been through and don't know how many more I'll go through. Definitely one of my skincare staples.

A day cream I finished comes from Garnier. Their Moisture Bomb Day Cream is perfect for those non make up days where you really want to look after your skin. Containing Hyaluronic Acid and Pomergranate Extract this cream retains and slowly releases moisture throughout the day so skin always looks refreshed and moisturised.

Another Garnier Day Cream I finished was their Miracle Wake Me Up Cream. Containing Retinol and Micro Rice Peptides, this thick cream formula smooths away any signs of fatigue or signs of ageing whilst moisturising and refreshing the skin. I've loved this for after a face mask as it soothes skin and leaves it feeling even softer to the touch.

I finished my REN Evercalm Day Cream sample I recieved in my Marks and Spencer Advent Calender. This was nice and I did go and repurchase a travel sized tube but don't find myself reaching for this as much as it's scent is quite overpowering. And for a sensitive moisturiser I find it rather strange that it has such a strong fragrance to it.

I finished another bottle of my Hawaiian Tropic Facial SPF. This is oil free, non pore clogging and lightweight on the skin. It makes it perfect for my sensitive skin and means I don't have to be worried about not protecting my face. I've nearly finished another bottle of this already and have a back up on stand by as well.

A night cream I finished comes from Garnier. Their Moisture Restore+ Gel Cream is lightweight and hydrating but doesn't clog pores leave skin feeling greasy. I pop some of this on after I've taken my make up off and let it sink in before going in with my Miracle Sleeping Cream. I believe this is discontinued now but I have a few stashed away so you'll probably see a few more in my empties.

This SKYN Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream sample lasted three months which for it's size is amazing. It's jelly like formula melts upon touching the skin and leaves the under eye area looking and feeling hydrated and softer. I've purchased the full size version of this but I don't think you'll be seeing it in a empties for a while.

I finished a bottle of the Simple Dual Effect Eye Make Up Remover. The Nivea bio-phase eye make up remover used to be my favourite but this has very quickly overtaken that. It's formula is slightly oilier than the Nivea but it doesn't leave eyes feeling greasy or oily to touch and it removes all signs of make up, even waterproof mascara. I'm running low on my latest bottle so think I need to pick up a back up.

A product that won't be appearing in empties frequently are these Nip and Fab Pads. These are their Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme. Containing 5% Glycolic Acid as well as Lactic Acid, this loosen and remove dead skin cells leaving skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch. You only neeed to use them twice a week so this sixty pad pot lasts a long time.

I finshed three packs of face wipes. Now I don't use these to remove my make up but I do use them to remove any swatches I have on my hand and my lipstick at the end of a day. The Johnson's Pampering Wipes were effective and I didn't have to scrub at my lips but they did have a strong scent and taste which ended up in my mouth no matter what. The Clean and Clear Truly Gentle Wipes were nice and did the job but probably won't be ones I'd pick up again. And then the Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Wipes were my favourite. They broke down even the most long wearing liquid lipstick and didn't leave my lips feeling greasy or coated in oil. They also didn't have a strong scent or leave a nasty taste in my mouth if it happened to get in there.
Two of a few face masks I used are these new releases from Garnier. I've used them all but forgot to keep a lot of the packaging. The ones I did remember to keep were the Honey Mask and the Juicy Mask. Out of the two the Juicy Mask was the one I preferred. It felt like it was actually doing something to my skin. A full review of the whole range can be found here.

I have four sheet masks to show you in this empties and these are the first two. One is the Boots Ingredients Safflower and Peony Sheet Mask. This was a nice mask but was too saturated in products and ended up dripping everywhere even when it was time to be taken off. The other is the newly released Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask with Chamomile. This mask fit perfectly to the skin and didn't flap or fall off when I moved. I was quite poorly last week and this worked wonderfully to soothe my poor skin.

The other two sheet masks I used up were the 40 Winks Sheet Mask from Face Inc and the YesTo Tomato Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask. The Face Inc mask was a disappointment. It didn't fit to my face well and flapped around meaning I had to stop what I was doing for twenty minutes. And it never felt like it actually did anything for my skin. Not really worth it's £5 price tag.
The YesTo mask on the other hand was brilliant. It didn't exactly stay in place but I could still get on with stuff as it worked. And boy did it work. It gave me spots which isn't usually a good thing but it meant it had deep cleansed and pulled all the crap from skin. Definitely one I'd happily repurchase.

Some undereye gel patches I used up are these ones from Superdrug. They are more of a gel than a cotton texture and are very cooling and refreshing on the under eye area. I love using these when my eyes look particularly puffy or red. The only downfall is this pack only contains one pack of one use eye patches.

Another product I managed to finish two of is this Maybelline SuperStay Primer. It was only released at the beginning of the year but I'm already on my third bottle. It's a very lightweight flesh coloured liquid that hydrates, smoothes and primes skin perfectly. It doesn't dry down on the skin and it's tacky finish means it grabs brilliantly onto any base product you place over top. Definitely a product you'll be seeing a lot of in future empties.

Another primer I went through not one but two bottles of is this Barry M Hydro Fix Primer Water. This lightweight spray is perfect for locking in extra hydrating before you apply your base. It's also brilliant for wetting your beauty blender if it starts to dry out when your doing your make up.

Surprisingly I only finished one concealer this time around and it's my all time favourite from Maybelline. The Anti-Age Eraser Eye is one of the only concealers that covers my sometimes horrendous looking dark circles. I can't remember how many of these I've gone through but it's probably quite a lot.

I managed to finish another one of my Collection Pressed Powders. This is in the shade Ivory which is perfect for my fair complexion. It doesn't turn orange as I wear it and it's lightweight enough to be worn under the eyes as well as all over the face. I use this everytime I wear make up and have already hit pan on my latest powder already.

A lip liner I kept in my collection even though it was empty was this one from Rimmel. It's in their raved about shade East End Snob which is the perfect neutral shade. It's wind up action means it has a tendency to snap or break if dropped so you end up going through more product than is sometimes necessary.

I finished a pot of my go to lip balm. A lot of people don't like Carmex lip balms but I find they are the only ones that actually do something for my lips. Others like Vaseline and Nivea just sit on the lips and leave them feeling drier than they started off as.

This may not look like it's got to go in the bin but it does. Not only is it dirty and old but the bottom is starting to rip. And because of those rips I find it's not blending my make up out as well as it's absorbing more product than it's blending.

Something I rarely finish is perfume but I've finally finished my first bottle of the Rosie For Autograph Summer Rose EDP. This is another twist on her original EDP but with added notes of blackcurrant, jasmine and pear. Very light and fresh in scent this is perfect to wear during the day. I've already moved onto my second bottle of this which I made sure to purchase in a larger size.

And the last empties I have are all from Lush. I used up to Butterball Bath Bombs, one in the original form and the other in it's seasonal ButterBear form. This are nice and leave my skin feeling super soft after every use. Definitely going to be repurchasing more when I'm in Lush next. Then there is the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb. This smelt nice, looked nice in the bath but fishing rose buds out of random places in my bath afterwards wasn't as nice. Not sure if I'd repurchase this one. And then there the Twilight Bath Bomb. This made my bath look amazing and I'd happily repurchase this because of how pretty it makes my bath look.